Reality ruined my life

Cuts on her wrists,
Cuts on her thighs,
Eyes full of tears,
Smiles full of lies.
Life is tough. It ruined all of our lives in little ways. Same with this girl. But with her, she's suffering from the hardest and the most painful lives ever. She feels as if no one ever cared for her. As if she just wanted to burn in hell. And I believe we have all experienced this in some part of our lives. This movella is dedicated the people who think they have no more hope in life. Love can change our lives in so many ways. Humans are actually made with 4 arms, legs and heads. We just have to find our second half. Will she finally find her second half? Will an irish boy fix her reality?


2. This is life were living in

Anna's POV

I walked to alone, feeling the soft liquid from the sky hit every part of my body. I arrived to my destination. I walked in, not even caring to dry myself up. Who cares? No one does. So what if I get sick? I felt paper planes hit me, cruel whispers about me and people calling me names. I've been having this school life since I was 15 and it still hurt so much. How many years of suffering from everything, I could never get used to ignoring the pain. All I wanted was to be proud of, to be loved. And I never even got that. I quietly walked to my locker, recieveng death glares from my fellow students. I fixed my school things and gently closed my locker. What's up Dorkwad? Chad the popular kid asked in a rude way. I just tried to continue walking and ignored him. Aww, is someone trying to ignore me? He asked in a childish tone. His friends pushed me down and I fell down, feeling too much pain. The bell rang and it was time for class. I got up and picked my books up, running to class. I sat down in my normal place, next to a close friend, Rosie. "Hey Anna, having a good day huh?" Rosie asked me in a polite tone. "Yes Row, best day a girl could ever wish for" I faked a smile, I was a professional with that. Rosie never knew about people bullying me and my parents making me feel unloved. She thought I had a perfect life, I had many friends because my parents were really rich. Actually my life was the opposite of that. "Why are you wet?" "Oh I fell in the rain" I faked. After another horrible day of school and teachers complimenting me I walked to the lake. I would always go there everyday. It felt like my real home. A secret place no one else but me knows about. There were butterflies, birds and fish that served to be my friends. The sky was beautiful. The flowers, trees the blue lake. Everything was beautiful. Living in nature's air was wonderful. Sometimes I swim here. I always made me feel better just to be here. It makes me forget about my problems. I watched the sun as it went down. I guess I better go home.

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