Reality ruined my life

Cuts on her wrists,
Cuts on her thighs,
Eyes full of tears,
Smiles full of lies.
Life is tough. It ruined all of our lives in little ways. Same with this girl. But with her, she's suffering from the hardest and the most painful lives ever. She feels as if no one ever cared for her. As if she just wanted to burn in hell. And I believe we have all experienced this in some part of our lives. This movella is dedicated the people who think they have no more hope in life. Love can change our lives in so many ways. Humans are actually made with 4 arms, legs and heads. We just have to find our second half. Will she finally find her second half? Will an irish boy fix her reality?


5. Not wanting to wake up

Anna's POV

My eyes flew open. What happened? I was bloody all over, my makeup was ruined, my hair was messy, my eyeliner was smudged and I felt pain everywhere. I was a mess. A tear slipped from my eye. Last night's memory came back to hunt me. I couldn't take it anymore. I'm leaving.

I threw my clothes into a backpack and included a other stuff in it. I grabbed my phone and slipped it into the bag's pocket. I took a glance at the clock and it was three am. Good. They would all still be asleep by now. I gently shut the door as I went outside, careful not to wake anyone up. I ran as fast as I could even though my thighs hurt badly. I didn't care what I was going. All I knew was that it was going to be worth it and better than living with a nightmare.

Niall's POV

I couldn't sleep. I kept on wondering why my own mother won't understand my situation. I told her I wanted to quit the band. She won't understand. She didn't allow me to quit. She kept on babbling on and on about this being my dream. Can't she understand that money can't buy happiness, friendship or love? I decided to take a walk outside first. I grabbed my jacket and went on my way. I saw a girl sitting alone in a bench crying. She was a mess. Why would she wander off like this in 3 am in the morning? I sat down next to her and gently rubbing her back. "Umm.. Miss?" I asked awkwardly. "Why are you here at a time like this? Are you okay?" I asked softly. "It's nothing, I'm fine" she replied in a soft, sweet voice. "Please, why don't you stay in my house for the night" I offered "Oh no no, thankyou though" she softly said "No please come with me." "But wouldn't I be just adding up and annoying your family?" "No no no it will be fine" I said. She just came over to me and buried her face in my chest, crying. I hugged her tight and strangled my fingers in her soft hair. "Come on, lets go" I said accompanying her to walk. All of a sudden, she fell down to her knees. I helped her up. "I'm sorry I don't think I could walk there that far" she said "Well let me carry you" "Oh no it's fine I'll just stay here for the night" she replied "I'm not letting you sleep here" I said carrying her. "Are you sure your okay with this?" she asked and blushed "Yes I'm sure" I carried her home for about half an hour home. I quietly led her to the guestroom, laying her down. "Thankyou so much for everything" she said hugging me. "No problem and my names Niall by the way" "Well thankyou Niall you can call me Anna" Anna. What a beautiful name. I wanted to ask her so much questions but I guess it was best to wait til' tomorrow. I quietly left her room letting her have rest.

Anna's POV

"Thankyou so much for everything" I said to the kind blonde boy ashamed of myself. "No problem and my names Niall by the way" he said with a to-die-for smile. I felt guilt rise up in my body. How selfish am I to have him let me stay here? "Well thankyou Niall you can call me Anna" I said shyly. He flashed another smile and left me alone with only my thoughts. Oh how could I ever pay him back? I owe him so much just to carry me here and let me stay. He was really nice to waste all his time on me. I pulled the blanket up and yawned. I drifted of to sleep. Not wanting to wake up.

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