Reality ruined my life

Cuts on her wrists,
Cuts on her thighs,
Eyes full of tears,
Smiles full of lies.
Life is tough. It ruined all of our lives in little ways. Same with this girl. But with her, she's suffering from the hardest and the most painful lives ever. She feels as if no one ever cared for her. As if she just wanted to burn in hell. And I believe we have all experienced this in some part of our lives. This movella is dedicated the people who think they have no more hope in life. Love can change our lives in so many ways. Humans are actually made with 4 arms, legs and heads. We just have to find our second half. Will she finally find her second half? Will an irish boy fix her reality?


8. Authors note (important)

Hi guys. Bella here. I'm going to delete this movella soon. I feel as if I wrote this in a non-expressive way. But don't worry loves, I'm going to re-do and publish a movella like this in a few weeks. I'm going to make a movella dedicated to 1D imagines so please check it out :) I'm to post the new version of this sooner or later, I promise. Thanks for the support though guys. Going to make a 1D imagines movella and re-do this one soon. Thanks for your time to read this. If you ever need a friend to talk to or if you have some questions, my kik is happydancerdances~Bella

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