One Man

One man has my heart, body, and soul. One man to pester my mind and keep me going. One man to vow forever to love. To have and hold. One man has everything I want and need.

1. One Man

One man

One thought

One light

One shine


No other way

Can it be done

One woman

One man


One hurt's

The other has pain

Where is the gain?

You walked away


I act like I don't care

When inside I cry

I feel like I'm dying

I trusted you


You turned on me

I don't know why

I really thought you cared

What you did to me


You do not know

I started to trust again

Now I can not

What am I to do?


Your happy

I'm sad

I'm lost

I'm confused


We was happy

So I thought

Then you found someone new

And shattered me into

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