A girls fantasy

This about three girls Tayla, Molly and Charlie


6. The double date

"Tayla and Molly are over there" Liam said while jogging to them. "Hey babe, are you feeling better" Niall said to Tayla. "I'm fine but it's still not a double date." Tayla shouted at Niall. Liam walked over to Molly and gave her a gentle kiss. Molly flinched a little because they only met yesterday. "Oh yeah our friend Harry's coming with his girlfriend if that's ok" Niall exclaimed. "Sure that's fine with me how about you Tay" Molly said looking at Tayla."sure that's fine but it's NOT a triple date." Tayla said. But as soon as she finished Niall kissed her. "We are  going to get a table. After kissing Tayla finally let go and gave in to him.

Harry showed up fashionably late with his date. "Oh no" Tayla shouted. "What" Niall said worried. "He's with Charlie" Molly finished Tayla's sentence. " heyy Molly heyy what ever your name is" Charlie said while sitting next to Harry. *sniff* "I have to go" Tayla exclaimed. Tayla started getting her stuff when Niall touched her waist and kissed her. "Fine I will stay" Tayla said coldly. "Sorry for the way I acted the other day it's just that's what I do" Charlie exclaimed  apologetically. " I forgive you" Tayla said.

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