A girls fantasy

This about three girls Tayla, Molly and Charlie


7. OMG

Last night Tayla was an a not so triple date and Charlie was there with Harry. This what Molly had written in her diary. She was texting all her friends how she has a new boyfriend. "Molly do you want to come to my house tonight to have dinner" Liam said on the phone. "Sure I will get ready now and we can have lunch together at the Shops." Molly said already getting changed. "Umm sure meet you there then" Liam said already getting changed. (They're such a good match)

"Heyy Molly over hear" Liam shouted. Molly ran over there in a mini skirt and a belly button top. "Wow you look hot today, you should wear this more often especially to my house." *hint* *hint* Liam said enthusiastically. "Whatever you want me to wear i will wear." Molly said grinning at Liam. "We have been together for 2 days" Molly said. "Yeah, well I've never had a proper girlfriend before so I don't know what to do in love wise " Liam pointed out. 

Then Liam looked in a different direction and there, Niall was drowning Tayla with kisses. "Niall stop stop we are in public" Tayla said playfully. " so do you want to go to my house then" Niall asked.

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