A girls fantasy

This about three girls Tayla, Molly and Charlie


2. Just one of the guys

Yesterday was Tayla's first day of school and she had met a few people. "Heyy tayla how r u doing we met yesterday remember" Molly said."heyy Molly I'm good how r u" (Charlie walks in) "heyy there's that new boy or girl" her friend snickered. "Why do you dress like a boy" Charlie went up and asked then grinned at her friend" "ummm ummm" *sniff* "I don't know" then Tayla ran off crying. After about an hour of yelling 'Tayla' Molly found her in the toilets but guess what Charlie  was there. Laughing at tayla crying and she yelled "come out come out you little baby"

After school tayla was fine when molly saw her. But then NIALL walked up and started talking to Tayla."heyy do you want to go to the park and play football or 'soccer' as you call it" he said playfully. "Yeah ok" tayla replied. "Oh and can you help me with my Xbox game I'm stuck on" "sure that's fine"

Molly was just about to leave when Luke came up and started talking about how they never talk and never see each other "get to the point" Molly shouted out. "We'll I'm ummm breaking up with you" "what" *sniff* *sniff* we've been together for 3 weeks and you dumping me! Molly ran off crying.

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