A girls fantasy

This about three girls Tayla, Molly and Charlie


1. First day

It's Tayla's first day of school. She has never really had girl friends she's always just been one of the guys and she's never had a boyfriend. She used to live in California but she recently moved to Australia because her dad got a new job. Her mum is still in America packing everything. 

When she first walked in she was getting stared at because she was wearing tracky pants and a element top. The girls were whispering. "Is that a boy" she heard one girl Charlie say. But then Molly, Charlie's sister came up and introduced her self. Molly was so nice but she kept getting distracted by boys. Molly was such a girlie girl. Tayla kept thinking about what Charlie had said so she asked Molly why she said that. "Because she stuck up and popular, have you seen her frilly shirt it's soooo not cool, yuck""shouldn't you be popular then" Tayla said after thinking about Charlie. "Naa it's to distracting I'm busy with all the boys, epecially my boyfriend Luke""who!" Tayla question Molly. "Oh he's over there, look" 

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