A girls fantasy

This about three girls Tayla, Molly and Charlie


8. At Niall's house

Niall's house was small and messy. "Niall where are you're family" Tayla said avoiding his room."oh I live by myself" Niall exclaimed. While Tayla was talking Niall slowly was pulling Tayla to his room. "Niall why are you pulling me in here" Tayla exclaimed worryingly. "Because it's more private" Niall grinned. Tayla and him sat on his bed. "Why are you so afraid of my room" Niall said. "Oh because I'm more comfortable in front of a window so I can see nature" Tayla said while making it up on the spot." I know what you're afraid, I'm a bad boy and I'm pulling you into my room, you are exactly right" Niall said while smirking. But as soon as Niall pulled Tayla on to the bed someone knocked on the door at 10 o'clock at night.

Niall stood up and grunted. He opened the door guess what Liam was there drunk. "Niall can I crash here" Liam said. "Sure on the coach don't disturb us" Niall said angrily. They went back into the room and started kissing."mmmmmm Tayla" Niall said. "I can't I'm sorry" Tayla said while trying to jump up. "No!" Niall shouted and the grabbed Tayla and pushed her down and started stripping her. "Mmmmmm" Naill went on. "Please stop" Tayla said scared. Niall didn't and kept pulling of her clothes. "Niall STOP" Tayla shouted. Niall jumped up ran went out of the room locked it so she couldn't get out. While he was gone Tayla was getting her pants back on then Niall came in and had 4 beers. "Stop trying to get away, if you drink 3 of these I won't do it anymore" Niall exclaimed. Tayla grabbed 3 then started drinking. When she was finished she was drunk and started getting on the bed.

"Niall come and join on the bed" Tayla drunkly said. "Sure" Niall stripped Tayla and himself and it all started. Tayla was so drunk she fell unconsious on the bed naked. In the morning she was no longer drunk and she was still naked with Niall on top of her. Tayla screamed at the top of her lungs. Niall woke startled. "What happened babe" Niall said looking around worried. "I'm naked you got me drunk we are over" Tayla exclaimed trying to get up. "What no I was drunk forgive me sexy beast" Niall exclaimed. 

Tayla got upset and started getting dressed 

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