Twilight Forest

Keep in mind this is a random segment and there is more to the story before and after. I would just like some criticism before I keep writing.

It's set in another realm called the Twilight Forest where neither day nor night exist, just an everlasting Twilight effect.

1. Hunting

Keep in mind this is a segment and there is more to the story before and after. 


Brom suddenly slumped out of the tree in front of them. “And where do you think you’re going?”

Alastair grasped his hilt in alarm. “You scared me Brom. What are you bloody doing in a tree?”

“Searching for-“

“I got one!” Bronson plummeted out of the adjacent tree, smacking into the dirt. “I got one.” He wheezed.

Brom Grinned and helped him up. “Elegantly done my brother.”

“You got what? The apple or half the tree you brought down?” Alastair playfully slapped Ronan on the back who was laughing. “Don’t waste your time boys, Ronan and I, are going to bring back a feast.”

Brom let out a bellow of laughter, “You are all talk my friend, Ronan is just a boy with twigs for legs and arms.”

“He’s probably more scared of a deer than it is of him.” Bronson piped up.

Ronan stood their silently while the two brothers spat jokes back and forth despite Ronan’s eyes brimming with tears.

“Why would you bring two bows with you Alastair?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well I assumed you were going to bend Ronan into a bow and use him.”

Bronson laughed and low-fived Brom. “Why would he do that? Use the sturdy one, you might break Ronan.”

Alastair jerked Ronan’s shoulder as he walked off in between the two brothers. “Come on Ronan let’s go. They have as little hope as they did with an apple.”

“Hey, what’s he talking about?” Brom hastily responded, pushing his brother with one arm.

Alastair took a bite out of the apple and held it above is head while walking off. Ronan sniggered in their faces as he caught up to him.

Ronan gazed up to the small breaks in the canopy that allowed the Neptune hue of the sky to seep in. The consistent dim hue casted a gloomy and mystical feeling to the world below. He then peeked over his shoulder to the dark distance travelled, in belief that the cave was somewhere in that direction.

The bushes rustled up ahead, frightening Ronan into gripping the handle of his sword tightly. Alastair looked back and smirked, “You know, woodland creatures mainly roam this part of the twilight forest.” Ronan didn’t reply as his tongue twisted and he bloomed like a rose. “It’s alright to be afraid Ronan. It’s your body’s way of reminding yourself. If you are never afraid, you will never be truly ready for anything. Just do not let it take precedence over you.”

Ronan simply nodded, loosening his grip a little.

Alastair reached for the bow on his back as he slowed down to a halt. “Look up ahead, a deer. Looks like we will be heading back early.”

“If I can make the shot.”

“Don’t worry about that, what are you supposed to be focusing on?”

“The arrow?”

“Exactly. Take your time.”

“Well, I’m going to need a lot of it.”

Alastair smiled in amusement and handed Ronan the bow. “You and I both know time means nothing here. What do you base time on when neither day nor night exists?”

“Well in this instance, Roland’s hunger.”

Alastair broke out into laughter as he moved to the back of Ronan.

The majestic creature was half hidden behind the dense foliage of the forest, embracing its surrounding. Ronan shakily pulled the arrow back and lined it up the best he could. Alastair helped align his arms in the right area, guiding him with words. He closed one eye and inhaled one quick breath like a suction cup. His chest released a puff of air in unison with the quick flail of the string, propelling the arrow. It pierced the air like butter, skimming the deer’s ear and colliding with metal in the bushes.

The arrow ricocheted into the trees as a Goblin sprung from the bushes. Alastair pushed Ronan behind him and drew his sword. Three more Goblins revealed themselves, flanking on either sides. “Stay close Ronan!” Alastair Launched himself towards one of them. He broke through its defence and decapitated it with one clean slice.

The remaining goblins pushed in close and tightened the ring. The foul, slick, green fiends scowled at Alastair as he swept one of them from their feet. He crushed its throat with his boot, proceeding to attack another. Ronan panicked and shuffled backwards, dropping his sword and tripping to land Face to face with one of them. The Goblin wasted no time and raised its sword like a pick. Alastair looked over in fear, “Ronan!” He shoved his boot into the Goblin’s stomach in front of him, hurling it to the ground.

Ronan braced his hands in front of him before impact, releasing a bright force of energy that spiralled through the forest. It launched both Goblins into the distance and decimated the forest in front of them. A path of destruction ravaged the forest floor in front of Ronan while leaves rained down.  

Silk white painted Ronan’s face in shock and a silence separated the both of them. “That was unbelievable... How did you do that?”

Ronan stared back blankly.

“You just laid waste to two Goblins and all this vegetation in the blink of an eye.” Alastair dropped his sword and examined the devastation.  

Ronan sat there playing with his hands, baffled by his new found ability. 

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