He Had Me At Hello

You and your favorite person. Together.
That's what I'm going through.
It's amazing.
I wouldn't give it up for the world."
- Sydney, He Caught Me At Hello


1. A New Start


"Mom I'm home!
I'm going upstairs to my room if you need me!"

I ran up the stairs and into my room, threw my backpack down and opened my laptop. I hope he's online! xD He is! 



You have to watch this, it's hilarious

-Ok what is it?

-Just watch it!

-Ok! Ok!

I clicked in the link. Gosh my boyfriend's so bossy. Psh. 

The video was named Ducks. By... Pewdiepie! I know this guy and I've seen this video!

I went back to the chat to find that he was already offline. 

Eh. Whatever. I'm gonna watch more YouTube. 

There's a creepy looking pony in the recommended videos...

Yep. I'm watching it.

"Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Let's Play SCP Containment Breach - My Little Pony Edition..."

Ugh. My Little Pony. Really. I'm sure this is going to be soo interesting.


I could not stop laughing.

So subscribing. 

This guy is hilarious. Pewds is pretty funny, but this guy tops the charts for me.

He had me at Hello. 

P.S. Ponies are fucking creepy.

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