Taken Over

Ella is a 19 year old girl that just escaped from a science lab her parents are still locked away in there but they made her leave, she is stuck in the middle of something terrible but hopefully Harry can help her get through it.


1. Lost

She was walking through the dark forest, droopy branches were swaying in the wind,  howls were coming from the centre of the forest. She could hear leaves crunching, sprinting away she tripped over and uncovered tree root, the crunching leaves crept up again, she was lifted up off of the muddy floor and taken away.   

"Hello? Are you awake?", an unknown voice whispered.

Her eyes fluttered open, she replied with a simple nod.

"Erm, sorry but who are you?", she questioned.

"I'm Harry", he muttered "And you are?".

"My name is Ella", she answered softly.

Ella and Harry started walking towards and abandoned city.

"We have to be careful here, Ella, hunters are known to raid here and they carry guns", Harry whispered.

"But how do know that.....", she was cut off.

"Shh, a group of them are out there", Harry whispered again.

Ella was scared out of her mind knowing that her family had been captured and probably killed.

"Hey, Boris, go check out that hotel, Max you come with me to check the bushes!", A voice


"Harry, what do we do? The men are coming!", whimpered Ella.

"Just stay quiet and don't panic", Harry mumbled.

"CHOMP CHOMP.......ugggggggh" 

"What was that?", Ella cried.

Harry peeked over the bush, he saw mangled bodies on the floor and he also saw..... ZOMBIES!

"Ella, we have to run there are zombies out there, we need to find a place to hide and fast!", Harry demanded.

"But what about those men? They'll kill us!", screamed Ella.

"Shh, the zombies are attracted to noise, they are too busy eating those men we have to go now!", whispered Harry.

Ella and Harry got up and ran, after a while they found a sewer opening they both decided that it was a good idea to hide down there.

Harry jumped down first so that he could help Ella get down safely, she jumped into Harry's arms, they began to explore but soon after they heard something, "bleeergh".

"Is that......", Ella began to talk but was interrupted 

"RUN!!", Harry screamed.

They sprinted back to the sewer opening and climbed up as fast as they could, Ella tripped over, she turned her head back, one of the zombies had caught hold of her ankle. Harry pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot the zombie's head  it died instantly even though it was already dead, Ella ran to Harry and hugged him.

"Thank you", she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

"I will never leave you, don't worry", Harry said as he wrapped his arms around her.

They began cautiously walking to the heart of the city, they knew that there would be weapons and food, those two things were goin to help them survive for at least another week.





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