one for the money

Ali is supposed to kill Harry Styles. but what will happen when she finds love, new friends and a possibility of a new life. read to find out.


3. the party

I went outside to find a body face down in the pool. I screamed and ran to my room locking the door. I starting breathing really heavily, what was gonna happen. I wonder who was dead and who did. All of sudden their was banging on my door and familiar voices telling me to let them in. It was the boys.what if they killed `em. I accepted my fate and opened the door.wait what was I scared of I had special training. I opened the doors. I was so confused there were all 5 boys and 3 girls, who was dead then?I ran to the window and saw the pool was empty. I was so mad. I  pouted and sat down on the bed. "Sorry we scared you we were just trying to trick you" I laughed trying to play it off"I knew it was fake I was just trying to humor you" " how'd you know" "I, um, over heard you guys talking about it"I lied. I flipped my hair and walked past them to the patio. Niall ran up to me and put his arm around my shoulders " I know you were scared but you have the boys fooled" I chuckled nervously "I won't tell anyone" he said, I smiled, I really like him but I have to get close and the closest I can get is dating him. When we got to the patio the girls started singing the cup song(without the beat), next the boys sang mirrors by Justin Timberlake. When they were done I felt like I had to sing so I got up grabbed a guitar and started singing I knew you were trouble by Taylor swift, I wanted to see Harry's reaction. In the middle of the song  I could tell Harry was uncomfortable he wasn't over her yet, or I'm just a bad at singing. Probably the second one. I laughed to myself. When I was done everyone stared at me, yep I was defiantly horrible."wow you were great" they all said at once"sure" I said in disbelief. I walked over to the stereo blasting it to keep them from  thinking about my performance. I started dancing and eventually everyone got up and started dancing. 



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