one for the money

Ali is supposed to kill Harry Styles. but what will happen when she finds love, new friends and a possibility of a new life. read to find out.


5. the boss

I woke smiling thinking about my date with Niall, it was amazing. I got out of my bed and checked my clock,9:30, the boys probably won't be up for awhile.I hopped in the shower and got out twenty minutes later. I walked to my closet and put on really short short shorts, a see through tank, and sandals. Then I walked to the bathroom and did a Smokey eye. I put on Ray bans and walked out. I stared to explore London. At around noon I got a call from my boss.

Me- hello

B- want are doing

Me- want do you mean

B- you dating Niall Horan

Me- how do you I wasn't just doing my job

B- i can tell when you're doing your job and when you're not. You have three days to kill him or you're fired. A lot is on line Ali.

Me- ok bye.

Three days. I don't even think I go through with job I mean the boys are really starting to grow on me. I saw a little Chinese resteruant, yummy. I ran in and walked over to the hostess, she looked at me funny but showed me the way. That's when I noticed everyone was formal,oops. I got in the booth. I noticed this girl staring at me, I just shrugged it off and ordered. When I got the food I started eating. I dropped noodles on my lap a few times, this stupid chopsticks. When I was done I eating I went shopping, then home. I went up to my room. I didn't hear the boys so they'd must of been at rehearsals. I put my new clothes in the closet and grabbed a box. The box contained poisons, poisonous gasses, and knockout gas. Sometimes things would leak or I'd get poison on my hands and eat luckily the agency trained me to be immune to them. Once I picked out the poison I was going to use I put in purse disguised as a opt-in perfume bottle. I went downstairs to watch telly, when my phone binged saying I got a mention on Twitter. I looked at it, it was a picture of me at the Chinese place with noodles on my lap with the caption saying I was nialls girlfriend, wasn't true we just went on one date. I looked at all the comments, some said that I was a cover for Niall being gay, that I was a slut, and pig. I just fell out laughing this was hilarious, I mean don't people have a life. I got a call from my boss again

Me- hello

B-)yeah, um, I'm in a rush so I gonna make this fast you have till tomorrow night to kill Harry 

Before I got to say something  he hung up. This was not going to be easy.

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