one for the money

Ali is supposed to kill Harry Styles. but what will happen when she finds love, new friends and a possibility of a new life. read to find out.


8. Sorry

Ali's POV

it's been a few weeks since i sallowed the poison, and everythings been going great. The only thing that bugs me is Harry. He hasnt even looked at me since the night i drank his drink, maybe el told him. but today things were going to change. I walked into the kitchen still in my pajamas. I poured myself a cup orange juice.yum. and waited for the others since it was turning light outside. I few minutes later I heard footsteps coming. I tired,, and shirtless, harry came walking in. i gulped at that fact that I had to talk to now rather than later.

Harry's POV

I looked at Ali through the corner of my eye. she looked nervous. "harry?". uh oh. I took  a deep breath, i guess its time to start talking to her "yes". " whats wrong, why have you been ignoring me. I'm sorry for whatever i did! just please forgive me." i looked into her eyes and i could see how much i hurt her. i walked over to her and wrapped my arm around her. " you didnt do anything,babe. i was just being stupid" she looked up at me with teary eyes. I couldnt resist, i leaned and kissed her. i stopped when i herad a sniffle. i saw niall in the doorway with tears in his eyes  i turned and looked at Ali, who just looked shocked. a little bit later i felt a sharp pain in my face. "look at what you did". "i...i'm sorry" was all i could muste out before she walked away. what did i just do?

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