one for the money

Ali is supposed to kill Harry Styles. but what will happen when she finds love, new friends and a possibility of a new life. read to find out.


2. my first day

I walked out of the building, completely shocked why would she want to kill him. When I arrived at my house I got out my suitcase throwing everything in. I know that he would have a lot of protection so I needed to get close enough to him to finish the job. I needed to make one phone call though.few hours later. I was walking out of plane into England. My boss arranged for me to watch the boys over summer,who knows how he did it though. I called a cab got in and told him the address. Forty minutes later I arrived at,only to walk in on the boys having a watertight inside the house. No wonder why they need supervision.


we were in the middle of a watertight when this girl walked walked in. She was so pretty she had wavy dark brown hair that went to the middle of her back, with teal eyes and sparkling teeth. I knew a lady was supposed to come by but management usually hired old lady's. I was about to introduce myself when Niall squirted me with his water-gun and mouthed

Ali's pov

They all stopped and stared at me. The curly haired boy was about to say something when Niall sprayed him. I never really liked one direction, but I always thought Niall was hot. So when he called dibs I felt little butterflies. OMG hold yourself together your here for business. I smiled and introduced myself"hi, I am Alison Hastings your babysitter" "we don't need a babysitter"" said zany" by the looks of it I think you do and do I smell something burning?" I shot back" oh no my carrot cake" Louis yelled running towards the kitchen."will someone show me my bedroom please""I will " Niall said.YEPS. I walked to in my new room it was white with tint of Libby green walls, a white fluffy rug, a a white king sized bed and a lime green chair in the corner. I sat my suitcases on the bEd." Me and the boys were wondering if we could throw a party tonight?" "Sure I don't see why not. He jumped up and rd an out the room. I started unpacking my bags. Once I was done I ran downstairs to get something to eat w hen I walked in there were three girls plus the guys in there. I must of looked confused because Liam spoke up" these are our girlfriends" zany and a light pink haired girl stood up"I'm Perrie" then Louis and a brown Haired girl stood up "I'm Eleanor" next was Liam and a dark haired girl stood up"I'm dani" I shook all of their hands, grabbed an apple and ran out of there I bumped into Niall in the hallway I could of sworn he was in the kitchen "um is this party formal or casual?" " casual he responded"casual" I thanked him and went to my room. I don't know why but I felt out of place,then again I am here to kill someone and they're here party. I pulled on baby blue jeans, a navy blue flowy tank, navy blue Tom's with snow white on them and a navy blue baseball cap turned backwards. I fixed my makeup and walked down stairs. When I got down there I didn't hear anyone so I called out everybody's answer. I went outside to find a body face down in the pool.

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