one for the money

Ali is supposed to kill Harry Styles. but what will happen when she finds love, new friends and a possibility of a new life. read to find out.


6. finding out


I was looking on Twitter when I saw  a picture of Ali eating, it was hilarious, but all they comments were rude I hope she's okay. When we got got home we saw Ali laughing on the floor. We all looked at each other "are you okay?" I asked. She pointed to her laptop we rushed over there and saw all the mean comments "why are laughing?" "Nothing"she grabbed her laptop and walked upstairs chuckling to herself.


Ali's pov

I walked  upstairs to see el in my room.


"I know your not a photographer" I was shocked by what she said.

"What am I then"

"I just hope you don't hurt the boys" with that she walked away. She knows what I do.oh well I got up I needed to start my plan. I walked downstairs. "hey I going out, anyone wanna come with me?" I looked at harry. he smiled and got up, luckly the guys were to engulfed in the football game to hear me.

*few hours later*

harry and I got really close this afternoon. I felt like I could tell him anything but I had to kill him, I mean who knows what would happen if I didn't kill him. we were walking back to the house when harry put his arm around me. I felt like he was flirting with me earlier this afternoon, but what do I know I've blocked out my emotions for so long. I looked at harry and he looked at me, he started to lean in. I pulled away I mean I think I am dating niall so. he looked disappointed when I pulled away. I opened up the door and set the food on the table and poured the drinks while harry got the boys. I poured the poison in harrys cup and set it at his spot. when I was done I sat down at the table, when I got text.

Message from:el

I know your after harry.

I gulped how did she know? everyone came in and sat down. we started eating. I looked at harry as he tilted his cup towards his lips.


A/N hey! Sorry for the cliffhanger, anyway I have a new book out 'finding who I am' so I would really appreciate it if you checked it out.

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