one for the money

Ali is supposed to kill Harry Styles. but what will happen when she finds love, new friends and a possibility of a new life. read to find out.


1. the assignment

I walked into the connecting room my boss sent me to. I was almost done with other job but he took me off because this one was top priority, which meant they were paying a lot. I just got my

 License to kill a year and was already at the top of my job. I walked in the room, the girl seemed familiar. I walked up to her and stuck out my hand out and she took it. " hello I'm agent Hastings" she looked at me skeptically " you look a little young" I nodded" 18 years, but still have plenty of training. How my I help you?"" I need you to kill my ex-boyfriend, Harry styles" "like THE Harry styles from one direction""yes that's him now will yo do it or not"sure, but what's you're NAME" "Caroline flack"

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