Win Your heart(1D fanfic)

April is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in Seattle, Washington. When she goes to a 1D concert and goes backstage she makes friends with the boys, but does one of them have feelings for her? She keeps in touch with them, but when she moves to London with her dad after a tragedy with her mom, and the boys get off tour, Niall returns to his new home London and finds about April's new "Friend" Gregg. Niall suspects the flirting between them and gets jealous. What April does now not know is they are fighting behind her back. She has to choose between them and she does not even really realize it! Once the time comes, who will she pick?


1. The Concert

 -April's P.O.V.-

I was taking hours picking out my outfit I couldn't decide what to wear, I was too exited, I am going to meet my idols One Direction! After almost and hour of picking I decided my outfit.

I grabbed my purse and got into my car. I was going alone because none of my friends really have interest in One Direction's music, which is why I have no close friends! When I got there it was already getting packed. I showed the guy my ticket then got through. I made my way to my seat which was in the front row. As soon as everyone got in they started the introduction. Before I knew it the boys came out and I started screaming to the top of my lungs. During the songs I noticed Liam kept looking at me and whispering stuff to Niall. I am probably just tripping, but they made it pretty obvious. During C'mon c'mon Niall literally came up to me and pointed right at me to the lyrics "I've been watching you all night!" I was pretty convinced at that time, but then I head the girl behind me say "O my GOD He was pointing at me!" And I just shook it off.

 After the concert I went backstage I could not believe this moment was coming.I got back there and right when they saw me I saw Liam look over at Niall wiggling his eye brows and Niall just looked at me like he was frozen or shocked. I felt awkward so I went up to them and I was about ready to fangirl. "I am April, I love you guys SOO much like you do not know how much I am in love with you. I know it sounds creepy but I spent 95% of my life on you guys!" They all smiled big and Niall turned red. I asked the body guard Paul to take a picture of us so I got between Harry and Liam and Zayn was next to Harry, Niall and Louis were next to Liam. After we took the picture Harry asked me if I wanted a kiss on the cheek and with no hesititation I nodded yes. He gave me a 5 second kiss on the cheek and I heard Liam say "Oh-No Niall is getting jealous."I looked over at Niall who had his arms crossed and looked mad as he was watching Harry like a hawk. "No I am not..." He got red as I looked over at him. Before I left Niall grabbed my arm pulling me back to him. "Hey we should um..hang out sometime..Can I get your number?" I felt like fainting I could not believe he just asked me that. "Ya-YES!" I smiled and read out my number as he dialed it in his phone. "Ok thanks love." I smiled big at him "No problem." As I turned around he pulled me back again. "One more thing, can I get a picture with you?" I blushed at him."For photo.haha" He was blushing as I chuckled. "Its funny because it is usually the fan who wants the picture with the celebrity not the celebrity wanting the picture with the fan!" We both laughed then he put his phone out and took a picture. "Looks nice." He said and I took a look. "O ya I do not look retarded!like I usually do!" He stopped laughing then turned his head to me and I looked up at him and he looked me in the eyes. "You are beautiful do not think otherwise." I started blushing so I turned my head away. "Ok well it was like AMAZING meeting you! But I have to go!"I hugged him and we hugged for a while. As he was hugging me he whispered into my ear "You use that number ok" he pulled away and gave me a wink and I nodded at him then left. When I finally got home I got ready for bed. As soon as I lyed down my phone buzzed it was a text from Niall.

  From: Niall

     Night Beautiful! Remember you are gorgeous! Xx I wish I could see you now :) Sleep tight.

 I smiled big at the phone and text him back.

  To: Niall

  Thank you! Xx and you sleep tight too! Night!

 I turned my phone off and put it down. I closed my eyes thinking about the concert and meeting the boys, Harry kissing my cheek, and Niall..How he acted around me. After all that thinking I got tired and fell asleep.

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