Win Your heart(1D fanfic)

April is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in Seattle, Washington. When she goes to a 1D concert and goes backstage she makes friends with the boys, but does one of them have feelings for her? She keeps in touch with them, but when she moves to London with her dad after a tragedy with her mom, and the boys get off tour, Niall returns to his new home London and finds about April's new "Friend" Gregg. Niall suspects the flirting between them and gets jealous. What April does now not know is they are fighting behind her back. She has to choose between them and she does not even really realize it! Once the time comes, who will she pick?


5. My Father's life

-April's P.O.V.-

 I got off the plane looking around, I think my dad should still look the same. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped turning around quickly. "Sorry did not mean to scare you." I smiled gently at him."It is okay..Hi, dad?" He looked pretty young..around my age.."Haha no..not even close. I am Greg." He smiled putting his hand out. I shook his hand looking confused. "Where is my dad? I thought I was suppose to be picked up by him?" He took some of my luggage and started walking. "Your father is stuck at work so I came to get you by request and take you home, he won't be home tell later tonight after dinner." I rolled my eyes."Okay but who are you?" He put the luggage in the trunk and closed it. He got in the car and I got in the passengers seat."Um hello?Answer my question." He turned to me and let out a groan."You do not know about the foster home?" I jerked my head back. "Foster home?" He started the engine and began driving. "Well not a Foster home but, you dad's wife, which is your step mum..She decided to adopt a family and I am staying there. They are not exactly keeping me but I am just staying as the Foster brother." I looked at him upset, I fell kind of sad for him."I am sorry.. I did not know. Honestly I do not know anything about my fathers life anymore I knew he had a girlfriend but I did not know they were married with a foster family." He chuckled a little "It is not a foster home when there is only one foster child." It was silent and he looked upset. "And guess who that only foster child is." I bit my bottom lit and squinted me eyes. "You.." He parked the car in a drive way putting the car in park. "Bingo!" He got out and got the luggage taking it into the house.

 I walked in and it was pretty big in there. I saw a women come in from the kitchen. "April! You have grown! Remember me Mia?" She smiled big and I crossed my arms. "How can I not forget the women who stole my dad from my mom?" She frowned and I saw Greg look at me pissed. "uhh.aha um..I am just going to.."She rushed out of the living room into the kitchen speechless."Smart move! That was so rude!She was being nice!" I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Yea well she was not nice when she stole my dad from my mom! And you DO NOT know what she did and said to me and my mother after my dad left! So stay out of it." I picked up my stuff going up the stairs then I turned around slowly seeing him standing there with his arms crossed. "Uhm wheres my bedroom?" He shrugged his shoulders walking past the stairs. "I do not know why don't you find it yourself." I had my mouth dropped then I stomped up the stairs seeing a bunch of doors any of them could be the room I am staying in.

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