Win Your heart(1D fanfic)

April is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in Seattle, Washington. When she goes to a 1D concert and goes backstage she makes friends with the boys, but does one of them have feelings for her? She keeps in touch with them, but when she moves to London with her dad after a tragedy with her mom, and the boys get off tour, Niall returns to his new home London and finds about April's new "Friend" Gregg. Niall suspects the flirting between them and gets jealous. What April does now not know is they are fighting behind her back. She has to choose between them and she does not even really realize it! Once the time comes, who will she pick?


2. Leaving?

  I woke up and looked over at my alarm clock, it was 12:15. WOW I slept in, I was pretty washed out from the concert last night. I picked out my outfit, and did my hair and makeup.

 I went downstairs heading for the door but my mom called me into the kitchen. "April, come here." She looked upset and depressed and I walked over to her curiously. "Yes mom?" She looked at me and she smiled and a tear rolled down her cheek. "Mom whats wrong?" I got closer to her and she wrapped her arms around me. "I have talked to your father, and we have decided you are moving to London to live with him." I pulled away from her and looked at her angrily, I was beyond angry."You guys decided were I am going without me! It is not up to you guys were I go!" My mom let out a sigh. "You are not 18 yet so you do not decide! Trust me I thought about this A LOT and I came to conclusion this is what is best for you, that is why I bought you those One Direction tickets so that you can so that before you leave, its something you always wanted, and today we will spend our last time together before you go tomorrow." I widened my eyes in shock. "TOMORROW?!?!O MY GOSH MOM! I ACTUALLY HAD PLANS TODAY!" She rolled her eyes at me. "Well you are going to have to rain check because you are spending your last day with your mother!" I was so mad I just ran to the door. "That's what you think!" I ran out the door as she chased after me calling me by my full name "April Marie Harrison!" I just kept running tell finally she stopped. I got the the park were I saw my friend Taylor. "TAYLOR!" I hugged her tightly, she was my only close friend but she lives far away, so she was in town to visit. "APRIL! you look stunning! I missed yo so much! And is it true you went to the One Direction concert?" I smiled big at her I was so happy to see her. "You look fabulouis your self!" She laughed at me. "And yes it is true I DID indeed go to a 1D concert!" Her jaw dropped. "LUCKKYY!" We giggled then she gasped, she usually gasp before shes about to say something that surfaced her brain, shes weird like that. "I saw on twitter that apparently Niall was flirting with another girl there and sources say that they switched numbers and he got a picture with her! Shes a blonde, if he likes blondes and this girl is not ending up with him you might have a chance!" She laughed and I added it all up, that girl is me..I thought about telling her but I was not sure, I love Taylor deeply but she is a big mouth. "Well It is probably nothing but if it is, score for her Niall is a great guy I met him, all of them. They are really nice and have a good sense of humor." She gave me a 'are you serious' face. "WHAAt?! It is TRUE!" I laughed at her and she just chuckled shaking her head. "What?" She looked abck at me."You know what! April I have known you for a long time I can tell when you are hiding something, what happened at the meet and greet?" I sighed, I hate that she knows me that well, there was no hiding it now.I pulled out my phone going to my contacts and I showed her the contact info on Niall and it had the picture of him and I and his number everything. "No way..YOU ARE THE MYSTERIOUS GIRL!" She shouted at e and started fangirling and people started looking over so I had to shush her and calm her. "TAYLOR! SHUT.up nobody can know about this!"She took deep breathes and sat still."Nothing is probably going to happen between us. OK! so you have to keep your mouth shut." She nodded her head at me and I turned my body straight and looked down."I am moving with my dad to London.."

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