till the next stop.

a few minutes


1. A short story

It´s Monday morning, something about 8 am, my class starts in 20 minutes, I should better catch the train to city, I don´t want to be late at my business lecture, again. I am walking through the street in my black leather boots and my favourite green jacket. I am a bit tired to be honest, I didn´t sleep well tonight. I am on my way to subway, coming down the stairs, crossing people. Everybody is in hurry to work, I can see men with suitcases, mothers with kids, smoking teenagers, just a regular morning in London. I am waiting for a train to come, while looking for my IPod. My train is comming, I am in a train with one feet already. There are so much people, I can´t find a place to sit, so I´ve decided to hold a subway pole. The doors closed, we can go to the city now. I am looking outside the window, watching images made of the high speed when I realised there is some boy with earplugs in his ears. He is standing 2 meters next to me. Blond messy hair, blue eyes, red cheeks, he is wearing a white shirt and a grey hoodie, he looks sleepy just as me. As soon as I stopped staring at him, I am looking outside the window again. Suddenly I feel his eyes all over me, I don´t want him to know that I know what he is doing, I just smiled. The train stopped, but this is not my stop, I hope not that´s boy either. The door is closed again and we are both releaved that neither of us left. I looked at him and our eyes meet. We are staring at each other for about 20 seconds, I wish I could stare at him a whole week. I am going through my hair while gazing at him. He is smiling at me, so I am smiling at him back. He distracted me so much, I almost forgot that I am leaving at the next stop. The time is running out and I have just a few seconds. He has no idea I am leaving. I wish I could stay but I don´t want to be late, I can´t be late. This is it, the train stopped and this is my time to leave. He is surprised I am leaving, I mean I didn´t give him any sign the next stop is my last. I am walking beside him, our faces so close, he smells so good, he grabbed my hand and slowly let me go. I am outside the train, people hitting me with their shoulders. The train has already left, so has the boy. I don´t know if I ever see him again, maybe I will, someday. The only thing I know is, I won´t ever forget him. Never.

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