Back With The Boys

*Some Mature Content*
After almost a year of being away from her brother, Louis, Marcy and her best friend Anabell are invited to go on a summer long vacation at the boys beach house. Will Niall and Marcy's relationship stay strong? Or will they break when problems come there way? Will Louis and Anabell be able to hind there feeling forever or will they eventually share the love they have for each other?


6. The Day After.

Marcy's POV:

I woke up the next morning with the sun in my face. I look to my left hoping to find Niall but he wasn't there. I got up and walked out into the hallway to be greeted by Harry. Oh shoot. I forgot clothes. I ran back into my room and threw a pair of nialls sweats and a tang top. My face was probably a dark shade of red. Thank goodness Harry wasn't there when I walked out of the room. Halfway down the steps I heard yelling. "It what?!" "I think it did but I'm not sure okay!" "That's my little sister man!" Oh this isn't good Louis is a very protective older brother. I tried to act casual like I don't hear anything. "Hey guys what's up?" I said. They both turned. "Oh good morning honey. How long have you been up?" Niall asked clearly nervous. "Umm actually I just woke up." I saw there faces get a little less tense. Niall looked over at Louis. And he mouthed "Tell her." Oh goodness. "Hey Marcy can I talk to you in our room for a second?" "Sure babe"

Nialls POV.

I was scared out of my mind. How am I supposed to tell her? We're both so young. When we reached the room we sat on the bed. "What's up?" She asked. I could tell she was scared her brown eyes had tears in them. "Your not breaking up with me are you?" She choked out. "Oh no no no. I would never" "Then what is it Niall, your scaring me." I was so nervous. "You know I love you and I will always be with you," she was starting to cry. Oh I hate seeing her cry. I continued "last night was amazing. But when I woke up this morning the condom was ripped." She just started right past me. No expression on her face. After a couple of minutes she said "so I could be pregnant?" "Well I mean we don't-" "I have so much I wanted to do! I was going to go to college then maybe have kids. Become a teacher! Oh God now I can't go any of that!" She was now balling. "Marcy we don't know anything yet. Calm down." She got angry. "Your telling me to calm down! I'm 19 years old and most likely pregnant! Don't tell me to calm down!" Then she stormed out of the room.

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