Back With The Boys

*Some Mature Content*
After almost a year of being away from her brother, Louis, Marcy and her best friend Anabell are invited to go on a summer long vacation at the boys beach house. Will Niall and Marcy's relationship stay strong? Or will they break when problems come there way? Will Louis and Anabell be able to hind there feeling forever or will they eventually share the love they have for each other?


2. Beach House


     We finally arrived at the air port. I was looking around everywhere for my princess. I didn't see her anywhere but I felt better when I heard her cute little voice behind me "Niall?" She asked having the biggest smile on her face. "Marcy!" I yelled. She jumped into my arms putting her head into the crook of my neck crying "I missed you so much." She sniffled. I set her down on the ground, looked into her big brown eyes and said " I missed you too babe" And with that she place a passionate kiss on my lips. Sparks flew just like they always did.



     Its been almost a year since we've seen the girls. When they came off the plane Marcy went running right up to Niall. That's when my smile turned into a frown. I've had a crush on Marcy since that game of truth or dare when we were 13. I always hid my feelings though, knowing that Niall had a crush on her. I'm glad we're still friends though.  



     After hugging my sister, I heard Annabelle's voice behind me. "Long time, no see, huh?" She said.  "Yeah." I said as I kissed her cheek and pulled her in for a hug.  After a couple seconds I heard Liam say, "Hey Louis, are you going to share?" And with that Annabelle went to give everyone else their hugs.  After everyone was done being reunited we headed back to the beach house. 



     Once we got to the beach house, we first had to figure out the sleeping arrangements. We found out that there wasn't enough rooms for everyone to have there own. Everyone said that Niall and I are obviously going to share a room.  What really surprised me was Louis practically screamed "I'll share a room with Annabelle!" Something was up and I could see Annabelle blush out of the corner of my eye.



     After I finally got all my stuff organized in my room, Louis told me that him and Niall had a surprise for us, we had to be ready by 7.



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