Oh oh oh oh, it's hexagonal love!

Angsty Clarice never could make up her mind. So when she finds herself pursued by 5 different boys, which one will she choose?


2. The Winds of Romance

Meanwhile, Clarice had her eye on another human of the male persuasion.  This one was named Bobby.  After meeting him in her Spanish class, she had been immediately transfixed by his stunning good looks and his lovely singing voice.  In fact, she called him “Sweet Singer of Sweet Songs” behind his back.  She was so obsessed with him that whenever he had football practice after school, she would pretend to have to tie her shoe for the whole 2 hours, just so she could see him play.

One day, as Clarice was walking past her locker, she caught an enticing whiff of Axe body spray, combined with the sultry scent of rotten cabbage.  Immediately, her thoughts turned to Bobby.  Was he wearing this exotic new cologne to impress her?  Much to her surprise, however, when she turned the corner, it was not Bobby who greeted her, but Jackson.  Upon seeing him dressed in his flattering Croc sneakers, Clarice felt her heart swell with passion; her feelings were intensified when he reached into his pocket and gave her a bundle of fresh, organic carrots.

“Hey, I was going to leave these in your locker, but I guess I’ll just give them to you now,” Jackson said smoothly, raising one eyebrow and flipping his hair to maximize his heartthrob effect.

“Uh…hey, Jackson,” stuttered Clarice, overwhelmed with love.  “Uh…new shoes?”

“Yeah,” he replied with a wink, making Clarice weak at the knees.  “I got them yesterday.”

Just then, Bobby rounded the corner, flanked by several of his football friends.  Conflicted at the sight of her two loves at the same time, Clarice tucked her head into her tortoise print sweater, crouched into a ball, and rolled the rest of the way to class, where she sat down early to think things over.


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