Oh oh oh oh, it's hexagonal love!

Angsty Clarice never could make up her mind. So when she finds herself pursued by 5 different boys, which one will she choose?


3. The River of Affection

However, Clarice didn’t have much time to herself.  She had just rolled into her chemistry class, and her lab partner, an attractive young man named Uriah Heep, was looking at her inquisitively.  Normally, his intense gaze would make her blush furiously, but today she barely noticed him.  In fact, he cracked three test tubes over her head, drenching her in acid, before she met his eyes and gave him her attention.

She took in his outfit, a threadbare Nirvana concert T-shirt, khaki cargo shorts, and black Vans.  His black shoulder-length hair completed the bad boy look that drew all the girls toward him like flies to a putrid, rotting carcass.  Then she looked over his shoulder and past his bright green eyes and saw his girlfriend, Peony, glaring at her.  Clarice quickly stopped checking him out and turned her attention to what he was saying to her.

“Hey Clarice,” Uriah said, expertly French braiding his shaggy hair.  “If I may ask, why did you just roll into the room?”

Suddenly she felt the crushing weight of her worldly troubles pressing down on her, coupled with the deep seduction she experienced whenever she gazed into his beautiful eyes. 

“Uh, you know,” she said, hoping to impress him.  For good measure, she added, “I didn’t choose the metal life, you know.  The metal life chose me.”  She could sense Peony’s jealousy from across the room, for Peony had chosen the metal life.

“Well honey,” Uriah replied, taking off his shirt to reveal a set of sculpted, tattooed abs, “you know I can’t resist the chosen ones.”

As Clarice left class that day with a new boyfriend, leaving Peony sobbing in the corner, she felt proud that she had accomplished something.  She was a seduction machine.

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