New Year, New Life, New Me

Paige Mallory is the new girl around. She just moved down to texas from georgia. She was a world champ on Orange for many years. Her dad got a new gym so it's good bye to her old family and home that she called Stingrays. Once she walks through the doors of Cheer Athletics she knows that everything is going to change but is it for the better?


3. When We First Met

Ryan's POV: 

I guess i woulda saved myself the embarrassment of being rejected by yet another because matt liked her too but something told me i should keep going. I mean i could still have equal chance as matt i guess. And plus i was like a foot away. Awkward. And matt wasn't very far behind. I took a deep breath and sat down next to her. With a smile on my face i said hello. 

Paige's POV:  

This cute guy came up to me while i was trying to stretch. I was happy someone came up to me i was getting lonely.  "Hi I'm Ryan." He spoke. He sounded nervous and I'm not sure why.  "Hi I'm paige." I gave him a smile while i spoke softly. I really didn't want anyone to notice me. Just then he looked to the side and another boy sat down next to me. But this time i knew who he was.  It was matt smith. I remember at worlds one year he tried to talk to me but something about it just wasn't right. I had heard he was a player so i kinda just gave him a half smile and introduced myself. He seemed nice but i was kinda attracted to this Ryan guy but i knew that i couldn't get into a new relationship. I had just gotten out of one with one of the guys at my old gym. He didn't want to do the long distance thing and it broke my heart because we were together for almost two years i mean it was heartbreaking.  Just before i could go back to talking to Ryan he began to get up, he looked kinda upset. I grabbed his wrist and... 

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