New Year, New Life, New Me

Paige Mallory is the new girl around. She just moved down to texas from georgia. She was a world champ on Orange for many years. Her dad got a new gym so it's good bye to her old family and home that she called Stingrays. Once she walks through the doors of Cheer Athletics she knows that everything is going to change but is it for the better?


6. Friends and More

Paige's POV:

I grabbed his wrist again.

I was having second thoughts on him leaving.

He turned back around at me. Ryan looked me straight in the eyes and grabbed my hand. He was so sweet and romantic. I began to blush and was smiling like crazy. I was hoping he was going to kiss me but he only spoke. 

"You know Paige i just met you and i already really like you. And i wanna kiss you so badly but i am a gentleman and will wait. But i do wanna ask you something if that is okay?" He looked nervous. 

"Anything." I said hoping it was going to be good. 

"Well i just wanna know if you want to go out on a date with me?"  He said shyly. It was so cute how he said it and how scared he looked to say even though he was older than i was, he was still afraid of me rejecting him. 

"Of course" i said with the biggest smile. I was actually super happy he asked because i did kinda have a thing for him. I knew of him but never really talked to him and i was in a relationship when i first found out of him so it wasn't like i could date him. 

"So ill pick you up at 7 then!" He perked up so quickly. 

"Yeah ill text you my address." He opened my door and i stepped in. After about a minute of freaking out in my car a girl stepped up to my window and knocked on it. It startled me and I jumped when she knocked. 

It was reagan west! One of my favorite cheerleaders here. We talked at worlds last year but didn't really get a chance to become friends.  "Hey i haven't seen you in so long!" She said as i stepped out of my car to give her a hug. Just as i was about to talk to her we heard some girls coming in the distance. We both immediately got into the car. When we heard them gone we both began to crack up. I think i actually made a friend here. 

"Reagan, are we friends?" I asked hoping she would say yes. I really did long for a friend here. 

"Well duh! I was hoping you would come here!" I laughed. " oh gosh you have to come over and hangout with me tomorrow!" She was so happy. 

"Well i can come over later tonight but i kinda have a date tonight with Ryan." When i said his name her face went straight. No more smiles. "What?" I asked hoping it was nothing. 

"Well uhh the thing is..."

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