New Year, New Life, New Me

Paige Mallory is the new girl around. She just moved down to texas from georgia. She was a world champ on Orange for many years. Her dad got a new gym so it's good bye to her old family and home that she called Stingrays. Once she walks through the doors of Cheer Athletics she knows that everything is going to change but is it for the better?


7. Could Trouble be Brewing?

Reagan's POV: 

Oh no this isn't good. First carly is out to destroy her and now when jamie hears she is going to be so mad. And she wont do it quietly. Ryan is jamie's base and she hates when someone takes her base from her. Even though its just dating and not stunting she still feels he is gone. Which is kinda crazy but that's my best friend Jamie and we all love her for it. I feel Jamie and Paige would get along but i don't think Jamie will take the chance. 

"Well uhm jamie is gonna hate you for dating ryan." You could see she really liked him and i felt bad for what i was about to say, "and you don't want two people at the gym hating you." She began to cry. I felt so bad for saying something but it needed to be said. And at least it was coming from a friend who really did care about her.

"Who hates me?" She asked but i wish she hadn't. 

"Carly." The words tasted bitter coming out of my mouth. She was so sweet and such a great person and i wanted her to be happy here but it wasn't happening. 

"Well i would feel bad if i were to cancel so can you help me get ready? I wont tell jamie but i dont know anybody else and am terrible at make up." She laughed but her face was still puffy from crying. I guess she was going to try to forget about them and be happy. 

"Of course!" We laughed a little till she wasn't crying anymore and drove to her house. I told my mom i was going to stay at her house tonight.  Once we arrived i was stunned.

Her house was huge. I mean gated community and everything. We walked in and all you saw was a split staircase from a balcony. We went up stairs and went into her room. Her walls were lavender and had a modern but elegant touch.  We sat down at her vanity and i put a more natural looking make up on her and she curled her hair perfectly. I asked her if after she got back from the date she could curl my hair she agreed. They were going out to dinner at a nice place so she slipped on a short navy blue strapless dress which looks stunning on her. I did a few touch ups and then we heard the door bell ring. I ran to the door and opened it. It was...

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