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1. Passion 1&2

Passion is the story of Emily and Zayn. Zayns the kind of guy that looks for a one night stand. He chooses Emily and takes her home. But when she leaves, he misses her. He searches for her. He finds her at a store. She wanted to buy a hat. She didn't have have enough money though. She leaves and Zayn pays for it. Then brings it to her. Then they fall in love. They have their ups and downs but, every couple does. They lose touch when summer ends.


In passion 2 Emily is engaged. Her fiancé is usually out of town. She went to an art auction thing. She runs into a familiar face. "Zayn?!?!" She screams and embraces him. She cheats on her fiancé because she still loves Zayn. Does she pick him or her fiancé? Read them both to understand and find out.

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