Murder, but who wrote?

This is just a short story I wrote while I was messing around in my notebook. It's my first movella so I do hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks!


1. Can I do it?

He had one job. "Don't screw it up", he said to himself. He removed the dagger from it's sheath. He neared the body. Closer and closer until he was centimeters away. He gripped the knife firmly as he drew closer. He was now milimeters away from the face. Breathing slowly, in and out, he raised the weapon. He couldn't do it. He cursed as he looked at the body, then the dagger. He slowly got up. He walked back to the door. When he reached the frame, he looked back at the body, which was now starting to pale. He turned away, walking towards the elevator. He stepped inside and pressed the "G" button. He stood back. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He felt a presence . A voice said "That was a mistake".

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