17 year old Kaitlynn Rabbit is a typical seventeen year-old girl. The only thing that separates her from everybody else is that she's lived in a broken home her whole life. Her life at school, being, affected by the reckless environment at home, isn't any better. She only finds peace when she is with her friend Ariel. With nobody to look after her or take care of her, music became her parental figure. Every broken girl needs a hero, but who will save her?


1. Just Another Day


My alarm screamed like bloody murder in the morning. I pounded the off key and flipped my covers off. I rolled out of bed and played my  morning music as I dressed myself for school. I put my earbuds in and walked down the stairs. My parents were screaming at each other yet again. Thank god for my music, I couldn't hear any of it and I really didn't want to know what it was about this time.  I grabbed my book bag and an apple, of course they didn't notice me leaving, but what else is new. I walked out the door and went to Ariel's house, throwing little pebbles at her window. She looked outside and saw me. She ran down the stairs and came outside. We walked to school together, like everyday. Her and music are what keeping me on this Earth.

As we approached the school, I knew that today was going to be like every other. I looked at Ariel and she knew I was going to ask if we could skip school, but she shook her head before I could ask. I sighed as she pulled me up to the steps of the school. People were giving me dirty looks, like they did yesterday, the day before, and every other day. Ariel and I separated once we got to my locker, she gave me a hug and walked to her locker. 

Everyone always asks Ariel why she is my friend, she always says, "Because she is a kind, funny, amazing person. Unlike you." I always just stand there awkwardly, looking at the ground. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful she stands up for me, I just wish I could do it myself.

As I was getting my books, The royal highness of our school accidentally spilled her coffee on me. She quivered a high pitched nasally laugh and spat out an "Oops, sorry. You might want to clean that up," she walked away and I burned holes in her back as I watched her strut away in her 6 inch stilettos. I shut my locker, and the slam echoed since the halls were empty. Looks like I'm late to homeroom again. 

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