chloe *emblem3 (keaton stromberg) fanfic*

what will happen when a new student comes to the school? will this person change her life forever? Read and find out(:


4. chapter 3

"Hey Chloe." Keaton said smiling
"Hi babe." I said kissing Keaton on the cheek.
"We are going out now so I gotta get a real kiss. " Keaton said.
I kissed him feeling his lips on mine.  It felt amazing so I decided to run my fingers through his hair. He obviously liked it so I kissed his jaw bone and went back to his lips.
"Chloe you know I lov..." Keaton said not finishing his sentence.
"You what. " I said confused.
"You have to wake up. " Keaton said in kayley's voice.
"Whoa what. " I said
"Chloe wake up!!!!!"
I woke up.
"What time is it. " I said.
"It's 7 you literally have five minutes to get ready and get out the door. " Kayley said.
"Crap. " I said pushing the covers off me running to my bathroom.
I quickly stripped and got in the shower washing as fast as I can. I ran out the bathroom completely naked not caring who sees. Then I grabbed my favorite cat hoodie and some jeans slipped them on.

*School outfit*

I put on my Sandles, sprayed some perfume, and did my hair all at the same time then I ran downstairs fixing a toaster strudel. Kayley was already gone of course.   I looked at the time. It was 7:45 I literally have five minutes to get there and in the class room before the late bell. Luckily I brought my math stuff home. I grabbed the toaster strudel not caring if it is cold and running full speed to school. I got to the class room and sat down with a minute to spare. I ate my toaster strudel.
"Hey." Keaton said smiling
"Hi how are you. " I said out of breath
"I'm great u?" Keaton said
"A little tired I woke up late. I guess I was enjoying my dream. " I said.
"What you dream about?" Keaton said
What am i supposed to say' Oh you know me and you making out. Don't be creeped out cause you so loved it' you gotta make up something.
"I dreamed about dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs. " I blurted out.
I wanna slap myself right now.
"Haha dinosaurs are cool. " Keaton said laughing.
I started blushing hard. Keaton has the most cutest laugh ever!
"I was wondering if I could maybe have your number so u know we can talk more." Keaton said running his fingers through his hair.
"Uh yeah sure. " I said grabbing a piece of paper out my binder.
I wrote my number and handed it to Keaton. Mrs. Johnson walked in and started teaching stuff that I didn't pay attention to.
After school I walked home and layed down. I haven't been able to focus on anything all day. All I could think about is what happened it first period. All day he has been looking at me and smiling. He even sat by me in chemistry:). I know kind of ironic since we do have chemistry atleast I think so.  I am really starting to think that he really does like me(:  just then my cellphone rang.
*phone convo*
-btw c means Chloe and k means Keaton-
C: hello
K: hi it's Keaton
C: Oh hi Keaton
K: How are you?
C:I'm good you?
K: I'm great.
C: what are you doing?
K: Laying down u?
C: Laying down too what a coincidence
K: I know right
C: Yeah
*awkward silence*
K: Well I might as well get to the point... I wanted to get to know you better and I wanted you to know me better.
C: Okay what do you want to know?
K: What's your favorite color
C: I don't really like a specific color but I really like blue what about you?
K: green ummm... Do you like listening to music?
C: Of course music is my life
K: Mine too... Do you remember your first crush
C: Yeah it was when I was in 1st grade and I liked this guy. And turned out we liked each other back and we had a fake wedding and instead of kissing on the lips we kissed on the cheek cause I still thought that kissing was gross. So we was married for a week then we divorced cause he stole my chocolate chip cookie.
K: haha that's pretty funny well I don't really remember my first crush. What's your favorite memory?
C: When I got my guitar. I was bout six at the time and I would dress up as Hannah Montana and sing her songs and one Xmas I got a guitar and I started taking lessons and I started playing fake shows for my family.
K: that's adorable. Umm... Do you have any siblings?
C: yeah one sister named Kayley you might know her since she is so popular.
K: yeah I saw her around I didn't know she was your sister.
C: Yeah nobody really does they don't believe it when I tell people.
K: No I didn't mean it like that I just meant that she is so... Snobby and your so down to earth.
C: Yeah.. Do you have any siblings?
K: yeah I have a brother named Wesley he is the oldest
C: Oh really is he in school?
K: No he graduated last year. Hey I was wondering since its the weekend... Do you want to hang out with me?
C: Yeah sure.
K: Okay great ill pick you up at 7
C: You have a car!?
K: Yeah it's nothing special. Just a present that my mom. And dad got me for Christmas
C: that's awesome I just have my permit so I can't drive yet.
-this phone convo is going to skip a few hours-
*five hours later*
K: Hey I gotta go I'm getting a bit tired ill see you tommorow.
C: Okay bye. 
Omg I just stayed up for five hours talking to keaton(: I learned so much about him like he has a cat named Zuni. I love cats so that's a plus for me. I really need to get to sleep I need to be well rested for tommorow.
End of chapter 3
-sorry this chapter sucks and things are moving a little fast so you think;) what is going to happen between Keaton and Chloe while they hang out? Stay tuned for chapter 4-

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