chloe *emblem3 (keaton stromberg) fanfic*

what will happen when a new student comes to the school? will this person change her life forever? Read and find out(:


3. chapter 2

I woke up the next day and I looked at my clock. It read 7 in the morning. I got up and walked to the bathroom. To my surprise Kayley wasn't in there. Thank god. I stripped off my pjs and turned on the shower water. I splashed some water on my face to wake me up then I started scrubbing myself down. After that I grabbed a towel wrapped it around me and walked to my room. I decided  to wear my tie dye tanktop with a pair of my old jeans.

*Chloe's school outfit*

I went back in the bathroom and worked on my hair. I decided to scrunch my hair with my sister multipurpose straightener. I walked downstairs to find no one there.
"I hope you guys know its almost 8. " I yelled.
I heard a lot of stomping and running from upstairs. Five minutes later my dad ran downstairs pulling up his pants.
"See you tonite girls. " he said running out the door.
After dad left Kayley made her way downstairs.
"Why didn't you wake us up sooner. " Kayley said putting a piece of toast in the toaster.
"I didn't think about it until I looked at the clock. " I said grabbing my books.
"Oh well we seriously gotta go we have less than 10 minutes to get to school. " I said.
"Crap. " Kayley said grabbing her toast and purse and ran out the house.
I ran after her. Luckily we live five minutes away from the school or we would be screwed. We arrived at the school right on time.
"Hey chlo late again?" Em said closing her locker.
"Yeah I woke my sis and dad up late by accident so I waited up for my sis and we ran our way to school. " I said out of breathe.
"Yeah you smell like sweat. " Em said covering her nose.
"Crap" I said opening my purse to get my deodorant out.
I put it under my arms.
"Better" I said
"Way better. " Em said smiling.
We headed toward our first period. I saw Keaton sitting in his seat looking so awesome. He is so dreamy(:
"Hi." Keaton said as I sat down.
Omg he just talked to me. Okay be calm Chloe just stay hi it's not that hard.
"Hi. " I said blushing
Ugh why do I always blush I hope he doesn't notice.
"I umm just wanted to ask your name. " Keaton said running his fingers through his hair.
"God your hot. " I said.
Omg did I just say that. I quickly covered my mouth. 
"Well hey god your hot that's a pretty strange name." Keaton said smiling.
"Um I'm sorry what I meant so say is that my name is um." I said stammering.
"Her name is Chloe. " Emily said.
Thank god for Emily.
"That's a beautiful name. " Keaton said smiling
"Uh thanks. " I said blushing.
"Your welcome." Keaton said blushing also.
Mrs. Jones walked in and we started class. From time to time Keaton would look over at me. Not that I noticed. After class Keaton walked up to me.
"Chloe I was wondering if u wanted to be my math partner tommorow." Keaton said smiling
"Sure." I said tucking my hair behind my hair.
"Well talk to you later. " Keaton said walking away.
After school I plopped on my bed and turned on teen wolf. After it ended Emily called me.
"Omg Keaton said you have a beautiful name!!!! It's official he totally likes you!!!" Em practically screamed into the phone.
"Or maybe he thinks I have a beautiful name no biggie and after class Keaton asked if I wanted to be his math partner. " I said.
"Oh yeah it is a biggie and WHAT!!!! YOU WAITED UNTIL NOW TO TELL ME OMG HE TOTALLY LIKES YOU!!!!!!!. " Em said smiling.
"He was just being friendly. " I said trying to calm Em down.
"Whatever I still think he does. " Em said.
After close to five hours on the phone Em finally hung up. I went downstairs to get a bite to eat then I took a shower. All that was on my mind was Keaton... I got out the shower and put on my pjs. I decided to get on Facebook to see if I had anything on there. I opened my laptop and logged on. I had 2 messages, 300 notifications, and 12 friend requests. I first checked my notifications which was filled with pokes from friends on there. After spending ten minutes poking everyone back I checked my messages. There was one from my grandmother (yeah I have a grandma that knows how to use Facebook pretty well actually) and one from my aunt Laura. They were basically asking how I was and how much they missed me and that kinda stuff. After I replied to them I checked my friend requests.  11 of the requests were from family and some more of my friends. After I accepted them I looked at the last
one. The name read Keaton Stromberg... Wait Keaton sent me a friend request!!!! I quickly added him back. Two minutes after I accepted it Keaton messaged me.
This is what it said:
Hi Chloe I just wanted to say thank you for accepting my request.
I said:
Your welcome:)
He said:
(: wrud?(:
I said:
Nothing much on my laptop u?(:
He said:
Oh nothing thinking about life..
I said:
Wow that's pretty deep.
He said
I know im so sorry but my mom just told me I have to give up the laptop. Sorry i messaged so late maybe we can talk tommorow maybe?(:
I said:
Yeah sure(:
He said:

I closed my laptop. I don't know what to think. My heart is racing my head is spinning. I actually pinched myself a few times trying to figure out if this was real or not... I layed down staring at my ceiling. I can't believe he even talked to me. Not a lot of guys talk to me. I go to sleep with a big goofy smile on my face. This is defiantly the best day ever(:.

-Does Keaton like Chloe? Stay tuned for the third chapter;)-

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