chloe *emblem3 (keaton stromberg) fanfic*

what will happen when a new student comes to the school? will this person change her life forever? Read and find out(:


2. chapter 1

"Chloe and Kayley get up your gonna be late to school." My dad said from downstairs.
"Crap." I said getting up really fast and practically tripping over myself to get to the bathroom before Kayley.
She always takes forever to get ready. Every single day I have to wrestle her to get to the bathroom. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge.
"Kayley  please hurry up I got to take a shower." I yelled through the door.
"Just a minute I gotta look my best for Brett today." Kayley said.
"Yeah you say that it will take a minute and 30 minutes later you finally decide to get out the bathroom." I said annoyed.
Just then kayley finally opened the door.
"Told you it would take a minute chlo. Why are you so worried it literally takes you only 10 minutes tops to get out the bathroom." Kayley said walking down the stairs.
I walked in the bathroom and looked at my reflexion. I'm not that ugly atleast I don't think I am. But I think that my sister is way better looking with her long brunette hair that reached the small of her back, Ice blue eyes, and her body is like a model but not as skin and bones looking. I am kind of insecure about my appearance. Do I get bullied? No I actually have a lot of loving friends and everyone loves me except.. I haven't really been in a relationship. You would think that I would get a few offers because noone has a problem with me. Sadly no... I am put in the friend zone because they think of me as a 'sister' I think they say that to spare my feelings... Well I stripped off my clothes and stepped in the shower letting the water run down my body. I grabbed the shampoo and started washing my hair. After that I rinsed out the soap getting some soap in my eyes.
"Aw crap." I yelled trying to find my towel.
Im so clumsy with out my glasses:p  I finally found my towel and wiped my eyes. Lovely way to start my day:p. I wrapped the towel around me and ran to my room careful not to slip on the tile floors. I shut the door and went into my closet.
"Hmm what to wear what to wear... Ah I could wear this." I said grabbing my blue sweatshirt and jeans.
I slipped on my blue tank top and sweatshirt and my jeans and I put on my blue converse.

*chloe's outfit*

I continued back to the bathroom to blow dry my hair and straighten it out a bit.
"Chloe you have five minutes to get  down here and eat." My dad called from downstairs.
"Coming." I said running downstairs.
"Okay you girls have fun at school I have to work." My dad said kissing my sister and my cheek before rushing out the door.
"I guess we are walking to school.. God Chlo you really need to learn how to drive I'm to pretty to sweat." Chloe said while eating her cereal and checking her phone.
Just so you know I do know how to drive I got my permit but I am supposed to go take my drivers test later this month.
"I am working on that." I said grabbing the lucky charms out the cabinet and sitting down.
"Yeah yeah that's what you have been saying for the past month." Kayley said.
I rolled my eyes ignoring her comment scarfing my lucky charms.
"Okay  if your majesty would be so kind as to please hurry up before we are late." I said grabbing my purse.
"Ugh okay." Kayley said finishing the last bit of her cereal    
She grabbed her purse and headed toward the door.
"Oh and Brett offered  to give us a ride if u want one." Kayley said smiling.
Oh I forgot to mention that her boyfriend Brett is 16 years old and she is 13. I don't really approve but as long as she is happy I'm happy.
"Okay is he here now." I said looking out the door.
"Yeah there he goes turning the corner."
Here is the man of the hour in his gray BMW that his parents bought him for his birthday that was not too long ago.
"Hey babe." Kayley said waving at Brett.
I walked past her and opened the backdoor stepping inside.
"Hey Kay." Brett said getting out the car hugging Kayley.   
I sat there letting them have their moment. They are so cute together(:. I wish I had a relationship like theirs. Well without the three year difference.
Brett opened  the door for kayley.
"Awe your so sweet." Kayley said getting in the car.
"Anything for my princess." Brett said shutting her door and walked toward the drivers seat.
"Aweee!!!!!(:. " I said smiling
"Come on Chloe chill." Kayley said blushing.
I sat back and watched the houses pass as we made our way to school. Hope this day will end good..
5 minutes later we get to our high school (Huntington high school) in time to stop by our lockers before first period. Just then I saw my best friend Emily at her locker (which is right beside mine of course)
"Hey Em." I said Opening my locker.
"Hey chlo took you long enough to get here." She said closing her locker.
"Yeah got held up by kayley and Brett AGAIN." I said grabbing my mathbook and binder.
"Gosh those two spend alot of time together."Emily said leaning on her locker.
"I know and they have been extremely close lately and I would love to get to the bottom of it." I said closing my locker.
Me and Emily made our way to our first period which is math. Ugh I hate math:p. Me and Emily took our seats before the late bell rang.
"Okay class I would like to teach you about variables." Mrs Johnson said writing the word variables on the board.
"Ugh!" The class said in unison.
"There there variables can be fun and exciting here let me show you." Mrs. Johnson said writing problems.
After 10 minutes we heard a knock on Mrs. Johnson's door.
"Ugh who could this be interrupting my very intellectual teaching." Mrs. Johnson said opening the door.
When she opened the door principal chapman stood there. Mrs. Johnson and principal chapman stood outside for 5 minutes talking while the class talked amongst themselves. When Mrs. Johnson walked in she had the hottest guy ever with her.
"Class this is our new student Keaton Stromberg. He will be joining our class." Mrs. Johnson said.
"Hi Keaton." All the girls said.
She said some other stuff but I zoned out. I stared at this hot god I mean guy that just walked into our classroom. He has brown hair and the most gorgeous grayish blueish eyes I ever seen. At the moment he was very red. Probably embarrassed to be standing infront of the class. That means he is probably one of those shy guys. About time all the guys here are too cocky. I know I probably have no chance with him but it doesn't hurt to dream.
Chloe Chloe
"Mrs. Jones are you okay." Mrs. Johnson said looking at me. Everyone looked back at me.
"Yeah fine. " i said blushing.
"Well I don't want to waste anymore time Keaton you can sit by anyone you like.
Keaton walked the rows. The girls all staring at him. The expression on every girls face was 'sit by me'. To everyone surprise he sat by me(: wait did he just sit by me!!!!!! Me of all people. There are plenty of pretty girls in the room but he chose to sit by me!!! Well after he sat down he looked at me and smiled. I think I am gonna like first period;)
well turns out he has every period with me coincidence maybe(:
After school I decided to go straight to my room and call Emily.
"Omg that new guy is smoking hot." Emily said immediately after she answered the phone.
"I know and he sat by me of all people. " I said
"I know your so lucky. Did you see the way he was looking at you during class. " Emily said obviously smiling through the phone.
"No I was actually focused on my math. " I said.
"Your lieing you hate math. " Emily said.
"Okay okay I maybe got a glimpse of him when he wasn't looking but I don't think that he would look at me when there is a thousand other very beautiful girls in that class. " i said playing with my hair.
"No I think he totally was staring at you besides you aren't ugly chlo." Emily said.
"Well he doesn't seem like the type of guy to like someone like me." I said running my finger through my hair.
"Whatever I gotta go eat talk to you tommorow. " Emily said hanging up.
I know I am super insecure about myself. I have ever since I was 5. I wasn't the skinniest kid I was chubby. I stayed that way until I was 14 when I started sliming a little. It wasn't a lot but at least I got a little bit of curves going in the right places. I don't know if my mom was still here she wouldn't have let me talk down to myself. She died in a wreak when I was 8.  I remember her last words to me before she passed away in that emergency room 'stay strong baby girl don't talk down to yourself cause no matter what you are very beautiful inside and out. Let your personality come out and love will find you' i try to live by her words every single day.
"Chloe dinner time." Kayley said from downstairs
After dinner I took a shower and slipped into my pjs.

~Chloe's pjs~

I layed down in my bed and tried to go to sleep but all I could think about is Keaton. I know it's weird I don't even know the guy yet he is on my mind. I wonder if he really does like me. I guess time will tell if he does. I went to sleep hoping to dream about Keaton.
End of chapter one
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