Just Ed's Little Sister (Niall Horan love story)

Arianna Sheeran was pretty normal except the fact that her brother is Ed Sheeran. Ed's best friends are none other than One Direction. What happens when one has been liking her but she starts dating one of the other members?


7. Date

 Ari's p.o.v

 ~the next day~

 Today i'm going on a date with Zayn. He told me to wear something casual. He said we have to leave at 5. It's 4 right now. I was just finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Aubrey and the twins come into my room. "We gotta get you ready" Aubrey said. "Ok, Abby, Nya, get an out fit for Ari and Ari take a shower." Aubrey instructed. I did as I was told and took a shower. When I was done, I dried myself off and went into my bedroom. On the bed there was my varsity sweater, my beanie, my Gryffindor nike, my red skinny jeans and my rucksack. I grabbed my clothes and walked back to my bathroom. I changed and went back into my room. I sat on a chair and Aubrey straightened my hair. I put my beanie on and grabbed my wallet, my phone and my wayfarer sunglasses. Aubrey didn't put and make-up on me because she knows I don't like make-up. I walked downstairs and Zayn asked "Ready to go?" "Yeah" I said. We walked to his car. We got in and he started the car and backed out of the driveway. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Its a surprise." He said. I sighed. I HATE surprises. We drove for about 45 minutes. I think I fell asleep because Iwas awoken by Zayn slamming his door shut. I looked around and saw an amusement park. I squeled. Zayn opened my door. "How did you know I love amusement parks?" I asked. "Ed" was all he said. We spent hours at the amusement park. We went on rides and played games. We were about to leave when he said "look at the fireworks" I looked up. The fireworks said: Will You Be My Girlfriend, Ari? I looked back at him "Yes" I said. Then, he kissed me. I kissed back and we went home.

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