Just Ed's Little Sister (Niall Horan love story)

Arianna Sheeran was pretty normal except the fact that her brother is Ed Sheeran. Ed's best friends are none other than One Direction. What happens when one has been liking her but she starts dating one of the other members?


4. Camping pt. 1



 Arianna's p.o.v

 So, the boys and Ed are on break for the rest of the summer!! We're going camping this weekend. My friend, Aubrey, is coming with us. There's gonna be 4 per tent. Me, Aubrey, Niall and Zayn in one tent and Ed, Harry, Louis and Liam in the other. 

 ~skip the car ride~

We got to the campsite and me and Niall were STARVING!!! Which wasn't a surprise because me and Niall eat a lot. "Guys, I'm hungry" I whined. "Me too" Niall whined. Everyone agreed. "Let's barbecue!" Liam said. "Ok. You do that while Niall and I eat these cookies." I said while taking out some Oreos. "Ooh!! Cookies!!" Niall squeled. I think I'm developing feelings for Niall but I still like Zayn. Perrie dumped Zayn. I don't know why. Zayn is amazayn. Oh well, it's not my business. 


Niall's p.o.v

 I think I love Ari. She's beautiful. But, the thing I love about her is her personality. And, we have a lot in common. But then again, she has a lot in common with Zayn. A few days ago, after Perrie dumped him, he told me he was actually kind of glad the she dumped him because he's been liking Ari for a while. When he told me, I was really mad but I kept calm. I'm pretty happy now. I finally get to spend some time with Arianna.

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