With You. [One Direction Fanfic]

Aliyah Edwards finds her self in a suckish world, with a crappy and boring life at Victoria Falls Academy in England. The rich country side with its beautiful hills and ocean view. Nothing can get worse.

Until she meets the charmer of the school.

Zayn Malik......

She starts to question everything she's known. Especially.



1. With You.

Hi guys :) Want to thank you guys for opening this up and reading it.

Firstly id like to let you know that ofcourse this is purely fiction. Zayn is zayn but he's not in one direction in this story. Just a normal lad.

The other boys will be in it too. I haven't made this a love triangle but if you'd like it to be comment. Please leave your suggestions cause they are important to me.

Spread my story around cause I want people to enjoy! Thank you all.

Please comment and thank you again for reading! !

-Laraib xx.

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