With You. [One Direction Fanfic]

Aliyah Edwards finds her self in a suckish world, with a crappy and boring life at Victoria Falls Academy in England. The rich country side with its beautiful hills and ocean view. Nothing can get worse.

Until she meets the charmer of the school.

Zayn Malik......

She starts to question everything she's known. Especially.



2. Into The Skies

Thunder boomed loudly as I felt tiny drops of rain hit my black leather jacket. It was so quiet I could clearly hear the raindrops fiercly hitting the top of my umbrella. I could feel the cold breeze through my blue dress and black tights as if they were paper. The black knitcap on my head was damp from the pouring rain, my black boots muddy and wet I officially looked like a nightmare.

I neared closer to the school, looking around me and watching the kids that scattered around hauling their luggage like me. My senior year I have to be going to this god awful academy so my parents can go to Africa. They were wild life photographers that traveled the world and when they did I usually stayed with my aunt Kathy. But she's been in spain for 3 months now.


The school was pretty big, with huge concrete white walls and a well groomed lawn that stretched the whole length. It kind of looked like something out of a movie. Ofcourse this was a rich people school where little brats and barbies could buy the Buckingham Palace with their parents money. But whatever, this was one of the most prestigious schools in London which could get me admission to Oxford University so I guess it was a win win deal here.

I was close to the entrance of the school, sliding my heavy suitcases through the muddy ground. It was getting a bit harder to wheel both of my bags around. I stood there for a second letting my sore arms rest. It was hard because I was also holding my umbrella. God was I tired already!

"You need help?" I heard a voice say behind me. I jumped a bit because it was so quiet I didn't really expect to hear anything. I slowly turned around and there he stood. Black jeans, white off the walls shirt and a black snapback tilted to the side. His face was flawless, perfectly angular with beautiful cheek bones and lips that were kissable. His eyes, oh his eyes.


Snap out of it!

"Oh uhm no thats okay, thank you" I answered. He then grabbed my luggage and started to walk. Shocked I just stood there watching him go. He must have realized I wasn't behind him cause he stopped and turned his head.

"C'mon then! Its going to rain harder" he yelled. I looked around once more before running upto where he was. We walked side by side this beautiful stranger and I. I looked at him, his face was that of a model's. I could not believe my eyes I really haven't ever seen anyone like him.

"Zayn. Zayn Malik." he introduced. He turned to look at me and I quickly looked at the ground. Didn't want him to know I was staring, thatd just be creepy.

"Uh im-"

"ZAYN OH MY GOD" someone yelled from behind us. A very pretty dark haired girl ran up to him and embraced him in a big bear hug. He almost fell back from the force of the hug, he dropped my luggage and slid his arms around her waist. I looked away and grabbed my luggage. We were at the entrance anyways. I looked back at him still wrapped around the girl, he felt me staring cause he looked up at me with his beautiful brown eyes. I quickly looked away and continued inside the school.

Who was that girl?

Whatever I don't care, his life. Their business.

This is going to be a very long year.



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