Lost in One Direction

Bay Garline is one of those girls who could care less about girly things like make up, hair, and..... One Direction. In her eyes they are waste of space. Too bad for her One Direction goes to her school, and for some reason seem to love to be in her buisness. But after a while she sees that the boys are getting to her, and discovers her feelings for them and discovers something she could never imagine: herself.


15. Rescue Me

It was Friday, the most fun day of the week. Harry decided to take me and the boys to a party after school. So there I was, leaning against Harry's convertible with Liam uncomfortably, waiting for Harry to come out. Liam wasn't fully recovered from the fight, his face still covered with bruises and scratches.

"I'm sorry." Liam mumbled never looking towards me.

"I don't care." I stated. I smiled when I spotted Harry walking out of the school.

"At least don't be a coward and send your boyfriend to do the dirty work for you." He spat. I ignored him and hugged Harry, his body finally being present. He kissed my cheek.

"Are you ready?"

I nodded as the other boys approached us. I gave Harry a weird look.

"Harry? How are we all going to fit in here?" I asked looking at the five seat convertible. He smirked and climbed in the passenger seat, pulling me onto his lap. I crossed my arms and shifted uncomfortably on his him.

He chuckled and cradled me like a baby, my face burying into his collarbone. The other boys hopped in, Louis in the front.

"Who's party?" I asked Harry, nuzzling my head into his neck. I could feel him smirk.

"I don't know." He replied kissing my neck lightly. Heat rushed to my cheek as I felt his lips travel to my collar bone.

"Okay kids, calm down." Niall laughed from the back. I glanced back at him.

"What are you gonna do Garline?" He challenged. I smirked and threw my textbook at him. He fell against the seat in laughter. I started to laugh too, my body almost toppling off of Harry.

"Calm down Bay." He chuckled squeezing me to his chest. His chest rose up and down steadily, my body following his motions.

When we arrived at the party, I stood in awe in front of a huge three story house. Loud music poured out of every huge glass window, the pounding of the speakers vibrating the world. Teenagers screamed and laughed as they ran around the yard, tossing drinks and food at each other. Harry snaked his arm around my waist, leading me into the house. The noise had gotten worse, my teeth chattering as I was enveloped in a sweaty heat surge. I pulled closer to Harry, uncomfortable by all the stares on me.

"Harry?" I yelled over the music.


"You promise to stay with me all night right?" He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Of course."

We spent the night glued to the hip, Harry's arms never leaving mine. We socialized, played some games and had a drink. We danced, luckily not provokingly.

"Want to play spin the bottle?" Harry asked pointing to a group of people. I nodded. There were more boys than girls, the odds being in my favor. I sat cross legged next to Harry as the rest of us joined and created a circle. A boy took one more swig of his beer and placed the bottle in the middle.

"Who wants to go first?" He asked. A boy with brown hair raised his hand, his other one reaching for the bottle. It span and then landed on a blonde girl. They kissed awkwardly and then sat back down in their seat.

It went on like that for another thirty turns, the bottle never landing on me or Harry. The same brown haired boy spun the bottle, it landing on me. I blushed and leaned closer to Harry. The boy spun it again, this time landing on a Liam. I almost threw up. I definitely didn't want to kiss him.

"Come on Bay." The boy said pushing me to Liam.

"Don't be a coward Bay." Liam whispered bringing his lips to mine. I detached my lips a few seconds later, my face full of disgust. I scurried back to Harry, his body tense next to mine.

"Harry." I started but he just grabbed my hand and kissed me knuckles.

"I know."

I sighed and watched as the bottle was spun again. This time it landed on Harry. He smiled nervously as it spun again, landing on me. I could feel his smirk as he cupped my cheek, and kissed me gently.

"Better?" He asked putting his forehead against mine.

I nodded and kissed him again.

After spin the bottle me and Harry decided it was time to go home so we went to round up the guys.

"I'm going to go to the restroom before we go." Harry declared dragging me into the kitchen. "Stay here. I'll be right back." He kissed me one more time before disappearing into the crowd of people. I sighed and leaned against the counter.


I whipped around to come face to face with Liam. He reeked of alcohol. He walked towards me. I tried desperately to shrink back, but the counter was blocking my movement.

"Boyfriend isn't here now." He teased grabbing my wrists. I screeched but was silenced when Liam put a meaty hand over my mouth. "None of that love. We don't have much time."

I felt a hand travel up my thigh, skimming the hem of my dress. I squirmed in discomfort, causing Liam to dig his fingers into my thighs. I stopped writhing and stared in horror as one of hands started to grope my breasts while the other kept my mouth silenced.

"Liam!" I heard someone scream. Liam was ripped from my body and thrown to the ground, Niall pinning him to the ground. His fists pounded into his chest and face mercilessly.

"Niall!" I screamed. He looked to me, his eyes showing his realization at what he had done. Before he could say anything, Liam's fist collided with his cheek, sending him to the ground. Liam got up, his hands cradling his face. With one last kick to Niall's stomach, Liam ran out of the back door, blood trailing behind him.

"Niall." I gasped. His body laid motionless on the tiled ground, blood pouring from his nose. I sprinted to his side, wrapping his head in my arms carefully. His eyes were fluttered closed.

"Niall." I cried. I slowly caressed the spot where Liam hit him. This is all my fault. I wedged between them. The band is broken because of me.


I turned to see Harry staring at me with wide eyes. I started to cry, burying my face into Niall's neck. Two arms wrapped around me and I was no longer nuzzled into the safety of Niall's neck.

"Bay, what happened?" Harry asked leaning over Niall cautiously. He was alive, just unconscious. Harry picked up Niall with ease, and motioned me to the door.

"We'll bring him to my place. He needs some rest." Harry declared laying Niall down in the back seat. I buckled my seat belt as the car roared to life.

Silence drew upon us. A silence so disturbing, chills ran unwanted around my body. I looked to Harry, his eyes locked on the road.

"It was Liam." I stated. Harry gripped the steering wheel harder, his knuckles turning white.

"Why did he hit Niall?"

I swallowed desperately trying to plunge the lump in my throat. I bit my lip, attempting to stop it's quivering. "He was helping me."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Because Liam started to do stuff to me." I mumbled. Harry stopped the car out front of a big house. I tried to get out of the car but he pulled the door shut harshly.

"What kind of stuff?" He questioned sternly. His eyes were no longer a beautiful jade, but a dark storm. I shivered and brought my knees to my face.

"What kind of stuff?" He repeated.

I swallowed and pointed to the inside of my thighs. He spun me around and started to inspect all the dark marks on my legs. He scowled at close they were to my private area. His face began to turn red as he opened the car door ferociously. I jumped out and grabbed his hand, yanking him back to face me.

"Let me go." He protested coldly. I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him gently.

"I'm fine. Please don't go find Liam." I pleaded. I traced my fingers over his cheekbone lightly.

"He hurt you." Harry scowled. I kissed his cheek.

"I know but I don't want him to hurt you. Please just stay here. We have to help Niall okay?"

He frowned. "Okay."

Niall became conscious an hour later and he was extremely dazed. When he saw me he hugged me tightly and kept whispering apologizes in my ear. I kept telling him I was fine but he wouldn't buy it.

"Harry, is it okay if I stay here tonight?" Niall asked snuggling into the couch. His eyelids started to droop lazily.

"Go for it." Harry chuckled seeing Niall was already falling asleep. I gave Harry a kiss before walking to the foyer.

"I better get going." I said. Harry smiled and grabbed my waist.

"Not going to happen love. You get to stay with me." I smiled and followed him upstair to a huge master bedroom.

"Naked or clothed?" Harry asked grabbing some boxers and a shirt.

"Clothed." I laughed grabbing the clothes from him. He pouted and stripped his clothes as I did the same. We got into bed, cuddling closely to each other.

Harry started to rub slow circles on my legs, reaching one of my bruises. I winced in pain.

"I'm sorry." Harry cooed. He took the covers off and sat me up, my body facing his.

"I'll make the pain go away okay?" I nodded my head as his lips tenderly kissed every bruise.

Once done with his treatment, he brought the covers back above us and kissed me one more time before dozing off.

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