Lost in One Direction

Bay Garline is one of those girls who could care less about girly things like make up, hair, and..... One Direction. In her eyes they are waste of space. Too bad for her One Direction goes to her school, and for some reason seem to love to be in her buisness. But after a while she sees that the boys are getting to her, and discovers her feelings for them and discovers something she could never imagine: herself.


1. First Day of Senior Year


A loud bang echoed from my front door. I skipped down my wooden spiral stairs, hoping not to fall. It had happened to many times. 

I safely reached the bottom floor and opened the door. My best friend Sam stood their, a grim glued to his face. He had a flannel plaid shirt on with skin tight skinny jeans. 

"You are going to sweat your ass off!" I said looking at the sun brightly shining in the sky. 

"Hello to you too!" He scowled. 

I laughed and followed him outside, closing the door behind me. We walked down my driveway to his car. I got in, immediately blasting the radio. Sam laughed and started his engine. We backed out of my driveway and down the street to my school. I could walk but ever since me and Sam met in first grade, we always ride to school on the first day together. 

We passed a few kids waiting at a crossway. I bent out the window of Sam's convertible and screamed "SENIOR YEAR SUCKERS!" They stared at me, then crosses the road. 

"Your so weird Bay!" Sam yelled over the radio at me. I sat back in my seat and leant back peacefully. Senior year bitches, bring it on!



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