Lost in One Direction

Bay Garline is one of those girls who could care less about girly things like make up, hair, and..... One Direction. In her eyes they are waste of space. Too bad for her One Direction goes to her school, and for some reason seem to love to be in her buisness. But after a while she sees that the boys are getting to her, and discovers her feelings for them and discovers something she could never imagine: herself.


5. Ending a Bad Week

The first week of senior year has finally ended. It's been crappy. There's been at least a dozen tests in the past two days. Nobody seems to like me. Even Sam won't talk to me after or during school. To make things worst every girl in school is calling me a slut for kissing Louie, while every boy is trying to grab my butt or whistling as I walk by. Zayn won't talk to me or even make eye contact. And my Aunt Kate is leaving for a cruise to go to the Caribbean for a week.

I walked outside of my school alone. Everyone was getting into their brand new cars and singing and laughing while they rolled the windows down. A loud rumble  echoed over the parking lot and grey clouds rolled in, dumping blankets of water on me. I didn't feel the need to try to prevent myself from being wet, I didn't really care.

I started to walk down the street towards my house. My hair was now soaked and sticking to my face and neck. My feet squeaked under me, as I trudged slowly.

A car pulled up next to me and the window rolled down. I could just make out the face of Niall.

"Get in!" he said.

I opened the door and sat uncomfortably on the leather seat. We rode silently until we approached my house. We both got out running on to my porch to be out of the rain.

"I'm sorry I got your car wet." I said shyly. He smiled at me and gave me a hug. I stood their awkwardly not knowing what to do.

"I'm really sorry about all the rumors Bay." he said pulling away. "and I'm sorry that I didn't stop Louie from kissing you."

"It's really okay Niall really." I said

"I better go Bay. I'll see you later" he said. He leaned in for a hug, but being hesitant, just walked off my porch and to his car.

"Wait Niall!" I yelled after him. He turned around with a sign of hope in his face. Before he got in his car I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. His face turned bright red as he stumbled to his car and left my drive way.


A/N Hey guys thanks for reading my fan fic! Keep checking in for updates please! Also, I need to girls to be Louie and Harry's girlfriends. Just say your name, hair color, eye color, and if you either want Harry or Louie. Finally, please give me your input on my story. I could use all the advice I can get! Thanks again

-Kat :)

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