Lost in One Direction

Bay Garline is one of those girls who could care less about girly things like make up, hair, and..... One Direction. In her eyes they are waste of space. Too bad for her One Direction goes to her school, and for some reason seem to love to be in her buisness. But after a while she sees that the boys are getting to her, and discovers her feelings for them and discovers something she could never imagine: herself.


12. Confrontation

"Louis, I can't!" I yelled trying to squirm out of Louis' grip around my arm. He was dragging me helplessly towards a row of blue steel lockers. A tall figure with a mop of brown curls leaned against one, chatting with a blonde girl. Her hair was secured in two long ponytails that draped over her shoulders. Her body was shaped like an irregular cylinder that had been squeezed and bent in the middle. She clacked her gum obnoxiously between her pearly white teeth. I scowled at her attractive appearance.

"Come on grumpy" Louis mocked, jerking me forward "he needs to be told off. The right way."

I groaned as we approached Harry, the blonde automatically glaring at Louis' arm connected to mine.

"Looks like the little slut is back with Louis." She snorted sarcastically. "Wasn't it Zayn? Niall? Can't you decide who you want."

I felt Louis grip tense around my arm, his hand cutting off my circulation. The blonde chuckled.

"No wonder Zayn denied you. No one wants an orphaned slut as a girlfr-"

Her voice was silenced from my fist colliding with her jaw. Her body collapsed to the ground, the impact catching her off guard. I threw my body on top of hers, my fists automatically pounding on face and torso. Adrenaline filled and motivated my every ounce of movement. Before I could throw one more punch, two arms wrapped around my waist restraining me, yet my fists still punched the air mercilessly.

"Bay!" Someone screamed. "Enough!"

I dropped my hands to my side in defeat. I glanced down at my victim, her once attractive body crumpled up, pink, black and blue patches surrounding her upper body. I know I should, but I don't feel remorse or guilt.

"Don't you ever speak to her again!" Louis screamed, his face red with rage. It was then that I realized that he was not the one holding me back.

I turned around quickly and came face to face with Harry. He gave me a sympathetic look and all I could do was scowl at him. I took a step back out of his grasp and swung my fist at the left side of his face. Harry fell against the locker and I didn't stick around to see if he hit the floor.

I slumped in my desk lazily, wishing that history would be over. I glanced over at the back closet where me and Harry kissed. How I wish I could go back in time. My gaze found it's way to Harry's desk where he was not present. Niall was on my right his stare glued on me. Honestly, I think everyone's eyes were on me. It was like I was sitting in the room naked, totally exposed and vulnerable, the stares sending daggers in me.

"Bay! Principals office!" Mr.Henry hollered.

I groaned loudly and walked out of the classroom.

In the hallway it was empty, making the blue walls seem to squeeze towards me. I started to sprint, my beginning to spin. Just as I was about to reach the principals door, something blocked me, making my body abruptly stop and collapse to the floor.

"Are you alright?" That voice. That terribly sexy voice. I looked up into a pair if green orbs staring down at me. He offered me his but I shooed it away and picked myself up.

Once I stood I noticed the dull bruise on the side of Harry's face, it's shape resembling a blob. I swallowed a chuckle as I looked at my damage. Who's weak now.

"Excuse me. I need to be going to see the principal thanks to you." I scowled. He gave me a hurt look but I brushed it off. I don't need any guilt on my plate.

"I didn't force you to beat up Jessica!" He spit harshly at me. I stepped back a little off guard at the sudden harshness.

"I also didn't force you to flirt with her, did I? Or make out with some slut at the club? Huh? You caused this, not me." I yelled venomously.

He shook his head and pulled at his curls. I watched him as he clawed at them, trying to pull all the anger and regret from his heart through his curls. Rather amusing.

"People make mistakes." He simply states opening the principals door for me.

I ignore his statement and slide through the door confidently.

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