Lost in One Direction

Bay Garline is one of those girls who could care less about girly things like make up, hair, and..... One Direction. In her eyes they are waste of space. Too bad for her One Direction goes to her school, and for some reason seem to love to be in her buisness. But after a while she sees that the boys are getting to her, and discovers her feelings for them and discovers something she could never imagine: herself.


6. Boys for the weekend

I stretched out my arms as I stood from my bed. Finally. Saturday was here. My first instinct was to call Sam to come swim or to come play board games. That was a negative. Sam wasn't exactly talking to me. I really don't know why. I've called him, texted him, left messages, nothing seems to work. I guess he's mad about the whole, "Kissing Louie, I'm a slut thing"

I mean, Sam's always had a crush on me. At first it was cute, but now, being seventeen, its kind of weird. For example, last year I dated this cute guy James for a few months. Sam flipped out and broke me and James up.

So instead of inviting Sam, I took the risky and courageous decision to invite Niall. It couldn't end too bad. After all we would just be swimming. I hope..... I reached out of my pocket and grabbed my cellphone and dialed Niall's number.


"Hey Niall. Uh do you want to come swimming at my house?"

Sure. But can I bring the guys, we kind of are hanging out right now and talking about stuff."

I thought for a second. I didn't want to see Louie but for some odd reason I really want to see Niall.

I sighed "That's fine"

"Great I'll see you soon." He hung up. This outta be fun.


I opened the door to let everyone in. We all headed to my pool. At first I felt uncomfortable thinking I was the only girl there. Then I noticed this dirty blonde haired girl in a bright pink bikini jumping into the pool with Harry. I watched as they kissed in each others arms.

"That's Bree, Harry's girlfriend." I jumped out of my skin. I turned around to see Louie.


"Hey you want to have a diving contest?"


"Yo guys!" Louie yelled "Diving contest!"

Everyone filed in front of the diving board. I stood silently behind this kid. I think his name was Liam. Niall stood behind me, looking really cute in his Hawaiian swim trunks. And behind him was the dark and mysterious Zayn Malik, not showing any emotions.

The first to dive was Louie. He did a twist and landed perfectly in the water, barley making a splash. Then Bree and Harry went at the same time, corresponding their moves. Liam went next, doing a back flip. My turn. I walked slowly to the edge of the diving board and concentrated on my breathing. I jumped a few times and then finally did a front flip in the air. I don't exactly remember hitting the water, I just remember feeling a sharp pain in my head and hearing a bunch of gasps and screams. Then everything went black.


I opened my eyes to see Niall, Harry, and Zayn towering over me. Niall was pushing on my stomach while Zayn had his cold hands on my neck and face. Harry sat there staring into my eyes.

"What are you guys doing to me and why does my head hurt?" I screamed.

They all froze unable to move or speak.

"Is somebody going to tell me what's going on?" I asked aggravated.

"You hit your head." Harry said. "Zayn had to jump in and save you before you drowned."

I sat up. Everybody sighed in relief. I looked at Zayn who looked away from me and towards the diving board.

"Well thanks." I mumbled.

Louie cleared his throat. "Look we should go and give you time to rest."

We all walked out front to Harry's van. Everybody got in and I waved as they pulled out of my driveway and disappeared down the street.

I walked back in my house to find that one of the little piggies forgot to go home. Zayn was standing in the middle of my foyer, a blank stare on his face.

"Zayn what are you still doing here?"

He didn't answer but gave his attention to a family portrait on the wall. He looked at it a while.

"Your family looks very happy." he said. I walked over to him.

"The woman that looks like you, is that your mother?"

"Yeah." I murmured.

"She's pretty."

"Thanks" I said unconvincing.

"I better go"

"How Harry left?"

"I'll just walk"

He walked towards the door. Before he opened the door he turned around and advanced towards me. He smashed his lips into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck while my hands played in his hair. He pulled away a few seconds later and hurried out the door. For the first time in my life I actually was actually to be alone in my house.

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