Anna I Am

This is a fictional story about a girl with divorced parents


4. My Psycological Problems

If the stereotype is to be beleived- the one of a girl with divorced parents and six different schools in the past three years- I would be cagey, with no motivation to make friends because I would just leave them again. At least that's what the Hallmark movies lead me to beleive.

But quite to the contrary, I am outgoing and vivacious and an always-speak-my-mind kind of girl.

My problems lie with food. When my dad left, I was having trouble emoting. My emotions were confusing and vast, and I was thirteen. I was a broken mess, and people thought this was funny. The kids at school would laugh at me for crying in the middle of class. At that point in my life, it was impossible to be happy. I wanted the kids to stop laughing at me, and the only solution I could use was to cover up my emotions. 

I became a robot, an Annadroid who walked, and talked, and did her homework like a normal kid, but who was irrepairably broken inside. My mother did not even notice.

But a kid cannot function like that without a fuse blowing. For me, it was food. I was numb at school, and could not force myself to eat. 

And then I came home. When I got home, all the walls came down, and a tidal wave of lonliness overwhelmed me. To cope, and make me numb again, I would eat.

I gained twenty pounds from puberty, and my nasty eating habits, and only half an inch in height. Desperate, I looked up diet plans, but they all sounded too hard. And then I looked at the back of a cookie box.

Calories. I became a calorie fanatic. I never went below the recommended level, but the counting was too obsessive for my laidback personality.

I lost ten pounds, grew two inches, and only then stopped. But my eating habits were irreparably broken.

I binge eat often, and my mom is trying to fix me.

She hasn't helped me get over dad though. I think she realizes that would be hypocritical since she hasn't either.

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