Anna I Am

This is a fictional story about a girl with divorced parents


2. How I Named My Dog

Once upon a time, it was December. I was always the kind of person who hates December.  December is the cold, and the rain, and the boredom that comes from staying inside for too long without sunshine. 

Luckily, that was the year my mother and I lived in Southern California. My mother moves us around a lot, even though it causes her much guilt to continually uproot me. 

I'm usually sad to go because I  will have made friends by then, and I'll have to leave them. I am not the kind of person who will not make friends because she will just leave them. I am a pessimist in some ways, but in this way I am not.

It was not exactly sunny there, contrary to popular belief. There were gloomy days, and then days that made you forgot about the colder days because the sun shone so bright. The weather was bipolar.

The day I found Cat was a particularly bipolar day in terms of the weather. The sun was perpetually hiding its brilliant light behind a grey cloud. I was on a walk, one of the many walks I had taken after The Day My Dad Disappeared, and was walking past a lonely field. 

And there, in the shifting shadows caused by the moving clouds, and the slight breeze blowing through the ugly, brush heavy field, stood an animal.

At first I thought it was a cat.

"Here kitty!" I called. It approached me. I still beleived it to be a cat. "Come here cat-cat," I called. I had no idea if that was what one was supposed to say to a cat.

The creature prowled closer.

A deep thundering, "Woof, woof," resonated from the animal's chest. I was so startled I fell on my butt. The dog ran towards me. It growled warningly at me with its teeth showing. My ten-year-old self was quite alarmed. And then the dog cocked its head at me and made a noise like a sigh. He turned around a few times next to me, and then carefully sat.

I hesitantly reached over to pet him. "Good cat," I said. "Good Cat."   

The name stuck.

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