Anna I Am

This is a fictional story about a girl with divorced parents


1. How I Got My Name

My name is Anna Medley. I have golden brown skin, the same color as my hair and eyes. I am not short, and I am not tall. I am neither fat, nor thin, neither smart nor dumb, and neither rich nor poor.

In short, I am not very remarkable.

Anna Resado, the woman I am named for, is remarkable. She is my mother's favorite author, a mystery writer, who my mother had the good fortune to meet the day before she gave birth to me.

My mother had not read a single of Anna's books at that point, but she was quick to name me after her.

I met her once, when I was eleven. I had been quick to criticize my mother for her impulsiveness, until I met my namesake. 

Anna Resado was petite with straight black hair that framed her face. The thirty-something author reminded her of a sakura flower, with her delicate appearance. But Anna Resado also possessed a droll sense of humor, with sparkling eyes, and an elegance to everything she did. She pocessed a certain vitality that made her hard to ignore. The woman sparkled.

In short, she was everything I wished I was but was not.




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