Layla Rivers is a typical teen. Until one night when a friend plays a horrible trick on her, leaving Layla under the full moon's power. Suddenly, her world turns upside down when she discovers who she really is. And with Toby Darnell taking an interest in her once he gets suspicious, makes things thing much more worse. Secrets are spilled, love is at risk, and lives are on the line.


2. Prophecy & Werewolves

   "Honey what are you doing out here naked?!"My mom's voice pierced through me jolting me awake.

   "What?" I asked groggily with a yawn escaping my throat. I pushed back the sleep in my eyes as I looked at my terrified mother.

   She frantically rushed forward slipping off her robe and wrapping it around me. With both hands firmly planted on my shoulders, she helped me up and guided me inside.

   "What happened?"She questioned as we reached the kitchen.

   I couldn't tell her that Lindsey left me in the middle of the forest. Or more importantly the part where I changed into my own cat. That would buy me a one way ticket to the loony bin.

   My mind raced as I pulled something together. It didn't help that my mom was staring at me intently, while tapping her fingers on the kitchen island.

   "I don't know. I think I sleep walk." Was my genius answer. Giving the circumstances I guess it was the right thing to say.

   "Naked?" She questioned lifting an eyebrow in disbelief.

   "Well, I guess I mean I don't  exactly have control of what I do when I sleep walk." I pulled away from her grasp not looking her in the eyes. I haven't really ever lied to my mom and I don't know if I'm good at it.

"Well okay then. Go get ready for school?" She said.

   As I walked away I looked back at my mom, who was really thinking about my sleep walking with the confused expressions forming on her face. Before she could question me further I jogged up the steps to take a shower.




   Walking down the halls with Lindsey already at my locker was not necessarily my cup of tea. At my arrival she shifted her position so I could enter my locker combination, me paying no attention to her.

   "Look, I know your mad at me. Just let me explain," She said after a few seconds of silence. She anticipated an answer from me, but I did not intend give her one. Nor did I plan on forgiving her.<

   She sighed before continuing," Tiffany threatened to blackmail me,"

   She stared at me, as if that simple answer cleared everything up.

   I faced her after slamming my locker shut and hugging my french book to my chest.

   "Was it that bad? Bad enough to leave your best friend STRANDED in the forest with no way out? Do you know how long I was out there for? Do you?" I shot at her through clenched teeth. I squeezed my book tighter as my knuckles turned white.

   Sorrow filled her moss green eyes as tears tried to push their way out. "I'm sorry," She whispered, her lip quivering.  

   "What was the blackmail?" I asked with no feeling, but anger.</p><p>"She had a picture of me hacking my guts up at a party all over some guy," Her voice cracked as she held in a whimper, desperately fighting not to cry.

   "Just that? And yet I could of died!," I walked past her with my chest going up and down as my temper got the better of me.

   As I was walking to french class I passed Jay. Just some guy that was on the football team and friends with Toby Darnell, but he smelled terrible. Almost like he hadn't showered in weeks and ran wild with dogs. He smelled like a dog.

   I snapped my head at him and stopped dead in the hallway. My nostrils flared as I smelled the rancid odor. As I did so, He turned sniffing me too, with an odd expression. I blinked and turned walking faster to class.

   The way he looked at me made my skin crawl. It was like he saw me as an enemy. I mean I barely even no him, and I've never even talked to,Jay.

   A scowl appeared on my face. He was judging me. I huffed in annoyance.

   Before I knew it, I was sitting in my seat chewing on my pencil rather harshly. I was trying to remember if,I woke up last night. I know that I couldn't sleep through the pain I went through shifting into my cat. So, how did I shift back painlessly? Or was that just it? The shift into was painful and the shift back was painless. Do I only shift on full moons? Do I only change into muffin?

   I winced as a headache formed halting all of my questions for now. Dropping my head, I gently massaged my temples. A low sigh escaped my throat.

   "Bonjour!" My French teacher greeted as she walked in with a bunch of bags in her arms.

   "Bonjour." The class groaned back in response.

   "Now before we begin I have graded your tests and overall the average grade was a B." She said grabbing first period's papers from her bag.

    "I need a paper passer." She held out the stack waiting for someone. Finally, a girl named Alison got up and took them from her hand.

    As she laid my test face down, I knew that I failed. French isn't my strong subject even though I was stoked when I signed up for it.

   Slowly reaching for it I slipped my index finger under the corner and brought it up to my eyes.


    I got a D on the test. And the prissy teacher even wrote a little note.

   Try harder next time! Study more!


   I sighed slightly stuffing it into my bag. Resting my head on the palm of my hand, I looked up at the whiteboard where there were numerous french phrases. I couldn't even recognize one single word. 

   This was going to be a long day.

    As I wrote them down and tried to decipher them a pencil tapped on my desk. At first, I ignored it, but then it poked me in my shoulder.

   I groaned quietly before turning to see who the culprit was. It was Toby Darnell.

   "What?" I whispered flickering my eyes to the teacher and him.

   "Here are the answers," He responded slipping his paper into my hand.


   So, he now realizes that I suck at French halfway through the semester and decides to help? I heaved a sigh, but took the paper. I didn't really care if the answers were wrong.

   My pencil moved across my paper like lightning, making sure I got done so I don't have to go on Google Translate when I got home. Finishing with plenty of time to spare, I handed Toby his paper back.

   "Thanks," I said under my breath.

    Looking back at my paper I furrowed my eyebrows confused.

    This isn't what I wrote down. The words were all different. They weren't even sentences. More like a ... Prophecy?

    Last Shifter heeds the key

    For the walkers rise 

    They prey on thee

    The blood of pure

    Is all they need.

    To live once again

    And hunt to feed.

   A shiver ran up my spine, sending all hairs to stand on end. Goosebumps ran along my arms and a cold breeze swept through the room that only I could feel. I looked up to see if the window was open but it wasn't. I brushed my fingers against my arms, causing warmth to come back to me. I took a shaky breath.

   What was that all about?

   I looked down at my paper finding the strange words to be replaced by the original sentences. I am hallucinating. I am going crazy.

   The bell rang, making me jump a little before I gathered my books and headed to second period.

   This was going to be a long, long day.




   "Hey Layla" A male voice said.

   Closing my locker, I turned to see who it was.

   "Toby?" I said a little surprised. He's never talked to me before.

   "Yeah, uh, can I walk you home?" He shot at me.

   I blinked a few times, astonished by his sudden question.

   "Um, sure." I answered cautiously

   I walked past him, heading for the main doors, with him walking steadily beside me.

   This is bizarrely weird.

   Reaching the exit I veered to my right, with him following. Once on the sidewalk, I warily looked at him out of the corner of my eye.

   Why did he want to walk me home.

   "So, why don't you take a bus?" He asked.

   I looked at him "So, I can get excersize," I answered flatly. 

   Toby nodded his head, while pushing his hands in his hoodie pockets.

   "Why did you want to walk me home?" I asked keeping my eyes glued to the sidewalk. I was hoping that he wouldn't spill out all his feelings that he secretly had for me, because he was not my type.

   "I uh..." He trailed.

   Great. He did like me.

   "I know what you are." he finished with a hushed whisper.

   I stopped walking at his remark. My brows were knit together as my mind raced.

   "What are you talking about?" I hissed as the memories of last night churned through my head. He couldn't know that I turned into my own cat in the woods on a full moon.

   He hesitated before continuing, "I saw it in your eyes and your scent has changed."

   "How can you see it in my eyes?" I questioned, worrying if they had changed into a cat's eye.

   Toby looked into my eyes as if he saw everything that had ever happened to me.

   "The pupal is more dilated and the outline of the iris is a thick black." He said still studying me eyes.

   "And my scent,"

   "Well, it sort of smells like a" A crooked smile appeared on his face while mine turned to disgusted.

   "I do not smell like a dog in fact..." I breathed him in and to my surprise," do."

   "Layla, don't worry. I'm a werewolf  too."

   "Werewolves don't exist." I retorted at him, while walking away towards my house.

   "Oh really then what did you turn into last night?" he chuckled lightly as he jogged to catch up.

   My cat.

   "Nothing. I just had a vivid dream," I said.

   "Think what you want. But don't let your heart beat get to high or you'll shift. I learned that the hard way," He said, looking at me.

   I didn't answer him as I reached my house, but As I was opening my front door I mumbled a good bye to him.

   "Werewolves don't change into cats." I said to myself heading to the kitchen. Sitting down at the table with an apple, I thought about the possibilities.

   "I'm definitely not a werewolf. Maybe something else."

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