Layla Rivers is a typical teen. Until one night when a friend plays a horrible trick on her, leaving Layla under the full moon's power. Suddenly, her world turns upside down when she discovers who she really is. And with Toby Darnell taking an interest in her once he gets suspicious, makes things thing much more worse. Secrets are spilled, love is at risk, and lives are on the line.


1. Prank & Full Moon

Chapter One: Prank& Full Moon


   "Come on, Layla! We're gunna miss him!" Lindsey, my best friend, called from ahead.

   "Linds, you know hiking in the woods isn't my thing," I said in between the huffs of breath, while I rested my hands on my knees.

   "And yet your in track?" She paused and turned facing me, placing her hands on her hips.

   "Well yeah, but it's not like I hike two miles in the middle of a forest!" I retorted back, starting to walk again.

   "Well, don't you want to hang with Dylan?" She questioned raising her brow at me while I tried to catch up with her.

   "Yes," I groaned finally reaching the top of a hill. Lindsey tugged at my hand leading us farther and farther into the forest.

   "Come on just a little further," She said looking ahead, as if to see if she saw Dylan yet.

   Dylan is the cutest guy in the entire school. It also happens that I have a major crush on him. So when Lindsey texted me saying he wanted to hang with me, I cried I was so happy. And also had a heart attack.

As we trudged through the woods, Linds grasping my hand firmly, we finally stopped when we came to a mucky, brown, stream. I frowned slightly. I don't want to hand with Dylan here.

   "Okay," I huffed," I need a brake," plopping down on a rock, I tried to steady my breathing.

   "That's fine. This is the place," Lindsey said tilting her head up and taking a look around, possibly for Dylan.

   I looked around and saw no person coming towards us at all. I frowned at that.

   "Is he supposed to meet us here?" I asked a little annoyed. If he stood me up...Ugh. I can't even think like that. I looked back at Lindsey, who was not talking. Like she had something to hide.

   "Lindsey?" I questioned, but she wouldn't even look me in the eyes. What did she know that I don't?

   Suddenly she took off running in the direction that we had come, startling me for a moment before I took off after her.

   "Lindsey!" I yelled, But she disappeared leaving me in the woods all alone. I looked around me. I couldn't recognize anything.

   "What? Is this some kind of Joke? Lindsey!?" I called out only to hear my voice bounce off the trees.

   I was lost.

   "Fuck!" I yelled at myself. "I'm such an idiot! I should've known better! Dylan doesn't even like me!" I ranted jumping up and down in a fit of rage and anger.

   "Ugh!" I whined.

   "So much for being best friends!" I yelled to a not present Lindsey.

   I controlled my breathing and started walking in the direction that I was hopefully going in before. My eyes flickered from every tree, hoping to see something recognizable. But so far, nothing. I jumped at every squirrel. Winced at every bird that flew over head and had the strange feeling I was being watched. I felt as if I could feel breathing on my neck, causing me goose bumps.

   But soon enough nightfall had approached as I saw the sky growing darker and darker.

   "Don't worry, There is still some light out. I can still see where I'm walking." I reassured myself, but I was very, very doubtful.


   I yelped as I turned around on the balls of my feet. I couldn't see in front of me though as the last few specks of light vanished. Panic rounded the corners of my head as I fought back the urge to run.

   "It was just a squirrel. It was just a squirrel." I whispered to myself.

   But I couldn't move now. It was pitch black and I couldn't see a thing. Fear made my stomach do somersaults as I took in short rythmic breaths.

   "I can do this." I reassured as I stretched my hands out in front of me. I warily walked around trying to use my other senses. My pace was deathly slow as I tried to maintain a straight line. My eyes were squeezed shut out of fear. And I kept biting on the inside of my cheek.

   After bumping into an assortment of trees and falling over many roots, I ended up in a clearing. Good news was I could see the full moon. Bad news was... When I came with Lindsey we did not pass through here.

   I planted my self in the middle of the clearing and turned in circles until I was dizzy. I did not have a clue where I was.

   "This is hopeless. I'm lost" i cried as I flung my hands up, signalling my defeat. A few tears streamed down face, but I didn't contain them. I let my emotions flow out of me like a river. A smile tugged at my lips and a soft laugh rumbled in my chest.

Maybe that's why my last name is Rivers, because my emotions flow like one.

I smile faded and the laugh disappeared as I laid down in the soft, dewy, grass. More tears  filled my eyes and once my eyelids couldn't contain them, they spilled over like a tsunami.

   "Just wait until morning," I cried.

   After a few minutes of crying I felt like I was about to be sick. I pushed myself off the grass and crawled a few feet in front of me with my hand covering my mouth, whilst my body started to feel numb. I narrowed my eyes  and knit my eyebrows as I lost all feeling in both of my feet. 

   The numbness slowly climbed it's way up my legs and stopped for a moment at my waist. The moon seemed to be getting brighter as it shined down on me.

   "What? I'm... paralyzed!" I croaked, with the sick feeling growing. My eyes widened as I desperately started hitting my thighs with all my might. I could not feel a thing. I flopped over on my back as more tears streamed down my hot cheeks And I couldn't hold my self up any longer.

   Suddenly the numbness started climbing up my stomach again now acting as if a cat was clawing me.

   "No!" I screamed at my body, which was lying lifeless as I looked down on it.

   "What's happening to me?!" I pleaded.

   The pain was slowly crushing my windpipe. I gasped for breath and started panting like a dog as I laid there still and unmoving. My eyes became dotted as my body was telling me I needed more oxygen. 

   The moon was shining on me ferociously and the moonlight blinded me. I struggled for air but my body was unresponsive. I couldn't move, I couldn't make my body perform any functions. I was frozen.

   How could I be suffocating? How could I drown with no water?

   I couldn't see as I became blind. I laid there for a few seconds before immense pain erupted all over my body. I could hear my body jerk as I still had that sense, but I couldn't scream. I couldn't muster up anything to do something. I was dieing, rather rapidly and very painfully.   

   But then I drifted off as I thought it was now the end. I couldn't fight it. I couldn't even say any last words, or even think them.



   My eyes fluttered open as I sucked in a deep breath. Am I dead? Am I in heaven? Hell?

   I lifted my head as my muscles roared in protest. Why am I so tired if I'm dead? I looked around me realizing I was still in the middle of the clearing, lost. 

   'Great' I thought in my head to myself. I groaned as I remembered I was still lost too.

   What happened? What made me black out? Did I eat some weird plant? Or inhale some toxin?

   I tried to stand but ended up on all fours. My muscles really didn't want me to move.

   I squinted my eyes. I must have been out for a couple hours. It was surprisingly lighter out side, but the moon still lurked behind a cloud.

   I tried to army crawl a few inches but I immediately fell over.

   What the heck?

   My legs intertwined with my arms. Why did that happen? I know how to crawl. I glanced down at my body.

   "MMEEOOWW!" I jumped up and hissed and ran as fast as I could to the edge of the clearing.

   I'm a cat!?



   That's impossible! It's like werewolves and vampires being real!

   I took short stuttering breaths and slowly laid my eyes back on my body. They widened as my body was revealed to be true. I was a cat. And a familiar one at that too.

   I had the grey fur with black stripes with a white belly and matching paws. I was Muffin! My cat at home! Why am I my at?

    Speaking of home, I wished I there. A feeling of longingness spread through me like wildfire. I just want to go home. Be in my bed. Wrapped in my fluffy blankets as I peacefully dreamed of being in a relationship with Ryan Reynolds.

    'But i'm lost.' I reminded myself. I humphed in triumph.

   Ryan Reynolds is going to have to wait.

   I glanced around me. Now with my enhanced senses it should be easier to get home.

   Walking around with my nose barely an inch from the ground smelling mostly squirrels and rabbits is not how I wanted to spend my night. At all. I sighed. Even as a cat I'm lost.

   But then I came across a faint scent. Barely missing it I realized it was Lindsey!

   I'm saved! I glued my nose so that it was only a milimeter to the ground.

   I came out in the familiar trail where we had started at. Relief washed over me as I sauntered up the trail hearing the tapping of my paws against the dry dirt. My head peeked out at a road and I smiled in my head. I was home free. My house was even in sight.

   I made a run for it so happy that I was out of those treacherous woods that i hadn't even contemplated how I would get in until I was just out side the door.

   "Meow." I said involuntary.

   I walked over to the porch chair and sprawled out over the soft cushion, kneeding it before I fell asleep on it. 

  I couldn't muster any energy to try and get on the roof or anything. I couldn't I was way to tired.

   So I crashed out, without giving it another thought.

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