Blood lust

This family is not an ordinary family but either is the world they live it. Only at the age of six and seven a blood thirsty sister and strange brother was taught that killing was a necessary part of their life. The rest of the world may not know about their birth but the victims sure do.


4. Victems POV

      I woke up mumbling " Where am I?". I was to weak to move. I rubbed my head and saw someone running to the right side of the room. The person ran fast which made me dizzy. I heard fast steps and voices. One was the sound of a boy's voice and other of a girl's. The last thing I remember was talking to a boy. He approached me when I was shooting arrows for fun in the woods. I heard a slight noise behind me because he had stepped on a branch. I quickly turned around. There he stood standing straight looking at me. His brown hair cover his face a little and he had some hazel eyes. He was wearing a plaited red shirt with some cargos and timberlands.He smiled which only made me smile back. His teeth was perfectly white and straight.  Wow, I must admit that he was really cute but where on earth did he come from?

Boy: " I'm sorry, Did I frightened you?"

Victim: "No not at all. Where did you come from? I thought I was alone." she aims the bow and arrow at a tree behind him and shoots.

Boy: He moves quickly to the side. " I was just taking a walk when I seen you. The forest is a calming place to me. Anyways, I never seen you around here. Are you new here?"

Victim: "Wow you have great reflexes but it wasn't going to hit you scary cat. It's none of your business if I'm new or not since you're just a stranger."

Boy: He laughs. " Well you seem like a feisty one. Have you ever heard of making friends or do you just isolate yourself from everyone?"

Victim:" Why have friends if you can have fun by yourself?"

Boy: "Because a friend makes the fun twice as fun"

Victim: "I guess, well I have to go." She shoots the last arrow at a squirrel.

Boy: " I want to play a game. Why not stay and play with me." He lets out a slight grin.

Victim: "What kind of game?"

Boy " It's call run or die" He takes a knife from his pocket. "You have a ten second head start. RUN!"

  I ran passed him through the trees. What the fuck type of game is this? Is he serious? " HERE I COME" he shouted from behind me. His voice sounded deeper and scary. I looked behind me and saw him walking in the distance. My heart began to race the closer he became. I kept on running but the darkness only made it harder to see. The only thing that was left to rely on was the glow the moonlight gave to the forest. I stubble upon something I glance back only to see his grim expression. Up ahead was a small cabin. I force myself up and ran to the door and banged on it. "Help! Help me please!" I yelled. The lights from the cabin turned on. Omg finally someone can hopefully save me. HURRY PLEASE HE IS COMING" the door opened. A middle age women with brown hair appeared. Before I can speak she turned her attention to the boy and yelled out in anger "Young man I didn't send you off to play with your first victim".

   Now I'm here on a bed with two stranger most likely talking about me. I faced them and there stood the boy and some girl I never saw before. They couldn't be paying attention to me because they would have grabbed me or reacted in some way. I notice the stairs and dash out the basement. I found my self in the living room. I heard someone running behind me and tried to run out the front door but it was lock. Fuck. " Now, now calm down we are not going to hurt you" he voice was oddly soft. What is the deal with this boy? What do he want from me?

  " If you wasn't planning to hurt me then why u chased me with a knife and had me in a basement" I screamed. He didn't replied back but gave me a blank stare. I throw a vase at him and ran towards the kitchen. I opened a draw and struggled to grab a knife. He came from behind and wrapped my hair in his fist jerking my head back. "Let go of me". I felt tears wanting to come out but I knew it wasn't the time to be weak. I plugged the knife into his thigh and he yelled in pain letting me go. I kicked him in the same leg the knife was in and he fell to the ground. Suddenly I heard the front door open and he stopped yelling pulling the knife out. " Hide" he said in a low voice. I opened one of the cabinet and put my hands over my mouth. "Haha, I see you finally manage to fail mommy." The little girl said. " Get up now and you shut up" It was the voice of the lady. " Yes mother" she said in a low voice. " Where is the girl?" the lady asked impatient. " I don't know mother" he responded. " Well you better find out or that leg of yours is getting cut off" she yelled at him. " I assure you mother I would get her back for you." he added. "Don't fail me again. I don't know what has gotten in you but I'm not pleased with it." her voice was a lot calmer yet she seemed worried. " Sorry mother, I won't disappoint you again. You have my word" he promised. " Give mother a hug" she told him.


   "Can I have a hug too mother?" the little girl asked. "NO! You was in the basement while your brother was doing all the work." She yelled at the girl. "But.. but I just thought he could get her himself." she must have been holding back tears because her voice was a bit shaking. " You're worthless" her mother stated in a cold heartless voice. "Mother it wasn't her fault she was going to hit the girl with a shovel to knock her out again but I didn't let her" her brother stood up for her. " How about if it would have killed her? Your sister never thinks before she acts and that's why I'm always disappointed. She can never do anything right." the lady replied. "Mother that's not always the case. She was the one that killed the girls before and I haven't killed one." He stated. I knew he wasn't lying. I'm going to be his first kill. Over my dead body. Okay maybe that's not the smartest expression to use at the moment. I have to find away to escape but how. " That would change as soon as you get the girl. Daughter come with me". " Am I in trouble mother?." the little girl asked concerned. "Of course not" she replied not sounding honest.





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